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Band News (more headlines) 01-20-2006

The 'Rock Solid Pressure' Radio Show Moves To KWTF THE EDGE

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Email: RockSolidPressure@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.rocksolidpressure.com
The hit unsigned rock music gameshow 'Rock Solid Pressure' has left M4 Radio in Orlando, and has switched over to KWTF THE EDGE in Texas. The show will still be a live interactive net favorite among some cool changes to the format. The 4th season of the show, which just started a few weeks ago, was abruptly cut short when M4 Radio went off the air without warning. The staff of 'Rock Solid Pressure' wasn't even informed. With no warning, and a full roster of live guests for February, the show made an incredibly fast and smooth transition to KWTF THE EDGE.

The 4th season has resumed without missing a beat. The post game 'After Party' which runs year round, is also back with the usual lineup of outstanding live interviews, and of course, the best unsigned rock music in the world. Everyone has listened or played along with the 'Rock Solid Pressure' show, once, twice, or regularly throughout the years. It's been the rite of passage for net radio listeners and unsigned bands since 2002. Catch the 4th season in all it's raging glory every Monday night at 9:00pm EST USA time, exclusively on KWTFworldwide.com

The undaunted DJ team of 'J-Rock and Patty The Radio Girl' are back. Just in time to go head-to-head with The American Idol nonsense once again. The 'Rock Solid Pressure' show is for all performing rock bands and rock musicians with fanbases. This is one of the only, real 'legit' shots to get heard by many different high level record labels and A&R reps. It's not a pay-for-play scam that has been invading the underground musical community. This show is a well established vehicle with a proven track record. Careers have been launched and bands are being signed. And of course, there's 'never' a submission fee. But that's only the beginning of what this amazing show is doing.

J-Rock and Patty have been in the underground music scene for many years. J-Rock is a well known touring rocker and music journalist from New Jersey. Patty was an underground and corporate radio host from Connecticut. When the pair teamed up for 'Rock Solid Pressure', they literally revolutionized net radio with the fun, interactive gameshow. The post-game 'After Party' also became a huge success. They staged live interviews with the biggest names in the music and film industry. Corporate sponsors worked hand-in-hand with indie sponsors. Nothing like this has 'ever' happened on this level in the internet broadcasting world.

J-Rock and Patty have arranged and conducted live interviews with music and film giants such as BILL WARD (Sabbath), KMFDM, KANSAS, BTO, JOAN OSBORNE, GARTH BROOKS, JOHN BINGHAM (Fishbone), DH PELIGRO (Dead Kennedys), MICHAEL ORLAND (Music Director/Vocal Coach for The American Idol), THE TRACKBOYZ, SID HAIG & BILL MOSELEY (Stars of Rob Zombies HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES), JOE CERINI (VP A&R Sony Records), BRIAN ROTHSCHILD (Founder of THE JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST), PRAY FOR THE SOUL OF BETTY, MOOGY KLINGMAN (Utopia), BARNEY REED (Killerspin star, you've seen him on CONAN O' BRIAN).. and many many more. All these huge names hit the After Party hotseat along with the hottest up and coming rockers in the underground, and the list is still growing..

Rock Solid Pressure was launched in 2002. The show enjoyed two giant seasons in Connecticut at Cameo Broadcasting in Hartford. Needless to say, the show quickly gained a worldwide, loyal fanbase. Live showcases for major label A&R quickly followed in the North East. The attention brought in major sponsors and supporters like MAXELL, THE JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST, THE INDIE BIBLE, INDIE-MUSIC.COM, OLD DOG PRODUCTS, ICON MAGAZINE, NOLOPINS, and more. Record label affiliates include C.E.D. ENTERTAINMENT (which is a division of RED DISTRIBUTION/SONY BMG), CITY CANYONS RECORDS, SHUT-EYE RECORDS, and HALOGEN RECORDS. J-Rock also works extensively with major label A&R reps. The show took the web based musical community by storm. It came as an alternative to the pop sensations being bred on reality music TV and the glut of 'bad' music which was becoming the norm on net radio stations. Rock Solid Pressure looked at the other side of the industry that was being ignored by reality show producers. Well, it's no longer ignored, but it's been replaced by tons of pay-for-play scams and start-ups who are out to rip-off unsigned artists or lead them on with false hope. The show physically moved to Orlando Florida to hook up with M4 Radio in 2005 and continued it's success in a very unsupporting atmosphere.

The show was bigger than ever but the pair constantly dealt with adversity at M4. But, the hit show continued and the guests kept coming, no matter what. The pair fully expected the plug to be pulled. In fact, they 'thought' it was going to happen in March. From day one, everytime they left the radio station, they always felt it was their last broadcast. But a fledgling radio station really can't destroy a hit show, no matter how unsupportive they may be. J-Rock and Patty worked quickly to get their show to a high visibility station and the games continue..

The Rock Solid Pressure competitions deal with 'real' bands and artists who are ready for the next level in their career. There's no group hugs or teary eyed departures from non winners of this competition though. It's a win-win situation. Just being chosen for the show is an achievement. They are very selective and hundreds are turned down each year because they're simply not good enough for the high standard of the show. Rock Solid Pressure is also used as a fishing pool for many different A&R reps around the country. It's no longer the best kept secret in the underground and web based musical community, and the staff couldn't be happier..

Innovative, unique rock music that turns heads and breaks boundaries. There's many struggling artists and bands of that caliber out there and you'll hear them on Rock Solid Pressure. Wondering where the good stuff is? Well now you know. Past Rock Solid Pressure contestants have gone on to major and indie labels. Some being signed 'on the spot' at their yearly live showcases, which are continuing in central Florida. Others have won countless prizes and awards from their sponsors. Some have even gone on to ROCKSTAR INXS, E ENTERTAINMENT, FOX TELEVISION, MTV, VH1, one even 'won' THE OPRAH POP STAR CHALLENGE (go figure)..

Show creator and founder 'J-Rock' warns of the many imitators and rip-off's that have sprung up as of late though:

"Independant bands are challenged enough by recording and packaging fee's. They're constantly out there gigging for little or no cash. They're only looking for a bit of exposure to spread their name around. They should 'never' have to be caught up in a pay-for-play scam. ALL indie and net stations and show's of our caliber should be 'free' to submit. I'm getting sick and tired of all these 'start-up' stations that have little or no listeners, and are CHARGING for submissions. To me, these are all fly-by-night operations and should be avoided at all cost. Now we're seeing 'American Idol Underground' all over the net. What?? We gotta keep the American Idol out of our underground music scene. And guess what? They're charging for submissions. I want a revolution and Rock Solid Pressure is our way of keeping the 'real' underground alive and thriving. No Ryan Seacrest, No Simon Cowell. All that nonsense Isn't welcome here, and I think I speak for tons of people who listen to net radio!!"

Since leaving M4 Radio in Orlando and hooking up with the highly visible KWTF THE EDGE, the show took that giant, over-the-top leap it's been waiting for. Besides the worldwide net promotion of playlist artists and bands, the show will also be active in two states, Texas and Florida, for local coverage of concerts and music events. Rock Solid Pressure will also be unveiling a new crew of 'in the field' reporters and new 'on air' personalities..

J-Rock sums it up:

"It was really a blessing in disguise that M4 pulled the plug. It was a very un-supportive situation and we're happy it only lasted a year. We took a giant step backward, but we're back on track with KWTF. THE EDGE is quickly becoming the hottest rock station in the world. It's fully licensed, so you'll be hearing all your favorite hard rock/metal standards along with the best unsigned stuff. We're extremely happy and we can once again feature the music of our respective superstar guests when they come on the show."

Upcoming guests for February and March include: HANZEL UND GRETYL, LES DUDEK (Steve Miller Band, Stevie Nicks), JUSTIN RITTER & LEE PERKINS (Director and star of the cult film 'Katie Bird'), JOSHUA GREENE (friend of GEORGE HARRISON and author of the book on his life HERE COMES THE SUN), and more..

Rock Solid Pressure airs every Monday night at 9:00pm EST USA time exclusively on KWTFworldwide.com

Check out the Rock Solid Pressure site at: RockSolidPressure.com

Also visit at MySpace.com/JRockAndPatty

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