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Label News (more headlines) 02-14-2004

Artists Get Paid To Get Their Music Heard

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Email: info@rikksrevues.com
Website: http://www.rikksrevues.com/Rikks_Rekkords.htm
Rikks Revues founder Rikk Matheson had a dream one night, it may sound cliché, but it really did happen. While trying to figure a way to get some of the best independent music of 2003 out to the public, Rikk surfed the internet, all the compilations found in two days of surfing were asking the artists to PAY to get included. I know, many companies and organizations say it is advertising for the artists, but Rikk just couldn’t get this thought out of his head, "the artists are the one making the music, shouldn’t they get compensated?"

So, back to the dream, imagine that all artists ( 15 on the first project ) will get a share of each CD sold. A bit different than is currently offered by many other companies/ websites today. Yes but that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. Fifteen indie artists who all get paid a percentage of every single CD sold, sounds a bit radical, but Rikk says “It may be radical in some peoples eyes, but one thing kept going through my mind, it’s the artists that make the music, so why shouldn’t they get a cut of the album sales ? All I am doing is offering fifteen incredible original indie artists and bands on one CD, I didn’t make the music.”

If that’s not enough to make you think that this is a different approach than usually offered, try this on, Rikks Rekkords (Part of Rikks Revues) is also putting up a portion of the profits to Children’s charity, when asked about this Rikk simply said “ Children are the next generation, I never got a chance to meet my daughter as my wife and I were separated, and while we were separated my daughter, who was nine months old died from a fire, so this CD is in part dedicated to my daughter Delaya Nicole and helping children is the least I can do to honor her memory.”

Bringing artists together on a C D is no huge deal, it’s been done before, right? Well, maybe, but Rikks Rekkords has one small criteria that must be followed, “see, it’s like this, I won’t take just any band or artist and throw them on a compilation, rather since Rikks Revues is a music reviews website, I only add artists and bands whom I’ve already heard and reviewed. This way I know what the artists sound like, I ask each artist (Over 125 who expressed interest for the first project) to pick their three favorite songs, I then send those three songs to an unbiased “focus group” who listen to all three tracks by all the artists, and they send their favorites to me, this is the only fair way to do it I think, letting the music listener choose what they would be most likely to listen to, that’s how “New Horizons”(the CD name) came to be born says Matheson.

Rikks Rekkords has on it’s logo the following line “…Where the artists always come first”, and it sounds like Rikk Matheson is living up to that tag. When asked about how he felt about the project, Rikk says “ I think that there are 15 of the best indie songs of last year here on this compilation, you don’t have to take my word for it though, go to http://www.RikksRevues.com/Rikks_Rekkords.htm and find out for yourself, there are music clips from almost all the artists involved there.”

Rikks Rekkords has also added Gregg Gorman to the compilation with the title track of his CD on Campfire Records “Hemingway’s Own Gypsy”. Rikk had this to say about the “Ghost”. “Gregg Gorman proved one thing to me last year, there are very few people who could touch him when it comes to songwriting, sadly his very first CD is the last he will record as he passed away in Late November 2003 due to complications from a stroke. Rikks Rekkords and Rikks Revues is also dedicating this CD to his memory, and is giving some of the profits from this CD to Gregg Gorman’s family who ended up with a heavy burden of Bills after Gregg’s passing.”

“I am not greedy, I believe you get out of this life what you put into it. I simply try to be the best me I can be on a daily basis, then let the chips fall where they may. I am honored that some incredible independent artists have expressed a wish to be included on this project. Kate Campbell, Billy Hurst, The Dharma Bomb, Laurie McClain, Rachel Sage and Aaron Watson are just a few of the artists on the CD which crosses musical boundaries and offers something for varying tastes to enjoy. I know there are CD compilations for sale on the web for less than 5 dollars, but I can’t go that low simply because of the commitment I made towards the artists and the charities, The CD is set to be released the middle of February, and the cost will be 10 dollars, plus 2 dollars shipping in the U.S. and Canada, shipping will be higher for the rest of the world (all prices in USD), but I challenge you to find a CD like it where every track is a winner, These artists are on their way up, and I am glad to be involved with them on their climb. Rikks Revues, since it's inception, has maintained one line, 'The biggest compliment you can pay an artist is to buy their work' ” – Rikk Matheson

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