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Label News (more headlines) 07-29-2018

Bongo Boy Records Releases Emidio's Rock Den Volume One By Various Artists. Stellar Album Review By The Grouch.

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Email: info@bongoboyrecords.com
Website: http://www.bongoboyrecords/emidiosrockdenvol1
Emidio’s Rock Den Volume One by Various Artists Released on Bongo Boy Music Group / Bongo Boy Records. The Grouch Says: "Emidio knows good music! He has assembled a collection of 15 fantastic tracks! Can't wait for Volume Two"

BUY ALBUM HERE http://www.bongoboyrecords/emidiosrockdenvol1
Album Graphics and Design by Richie Realms and Monique Grimme for Bongo Boy Records, LLC. Produced by Gar Francis, Monique Grimme and Emidio Vaz.
UPC: 680193999437 * ASIA * WORLDWIDE * #HardRock #Metal
Physical Album(CD) & Digital Release.

Album Review by The Grouch

Hej America!

It is with a bit of sadness that I am leaving Sweden back for the United States tomorrow. So I thought to myself “Self, why not do something that will make you feel better?” The first thing that came to mind was to listen to Emidio's Rock Den Vol.1. Now, for those who don’t know Emidio is a hard-core Rocker out of London, no, no, the cool one in Ontario (In all honesty, having stopped on the train in London on my way to Toronto it seems like a typical working class hard rocking town - in other words my kind of people)

This album is entitled aptly enough Emidio's Rock Den Vol.1 which leads me to believe there will be future volumes. GOOD! If you have not, I urge you to check out his iSpin radio show on the Bongo Boy iSpin Radio Network, to quote The Who ” Long Live Rock!” www.bongoboyispinradio.com

1. Not Here To Play— ANGELES - Before I even read the bio about these guys I cued up the sound file and took a look at their press photo. To say that I felt as though I had stepped into a time machine is an understatement. These guys look like a cross between Mötley Crüe and Black Sabbath circa 1982, when Dio was singing for Sabbath. Why does this matter at all? Be-cause, Rock and Roll is performance art. A band’s look is sometimes as important as a band’s sound. Who thinks of Alice Cooper without thinking of that snake? Who thinks of Ozzy without thinking of that bat? ANGLES have a definite second generation classic rock look about them.
Then I hit play on my music player and BOOM I was back in 1982. These guys have the same sound that blasted through the high school smoking area as various substances were smoked. (Yes, kids, a long time ago students were allowed to smoke in school, but only in a designated area which descended into a decadent hedonistic party every lunch hour.) Arguments would break out over who was king, Randy Rhoads or Eddie Van Halen The music by the ANGLELES would have fit right in. This song is loud, features a blistering guitar solo and a heavy hook reminiscent of the early 80s hard rock. I would be stunned if their drummer didn’t spin his sticks.
Overall, this song is a rather nostalgic sonic blast. People who were around in the early 80s will recognize the groove and for people younger, this is the music that coined the phrase Head Banging. Rock on guys, rock on!

Track 2 - Gentlemens Choice - Cathedral Reign - Good God, what is not to dig about this track! Their drummer is spot on with some fairly simplistic, yet massively soul-filled groove, I dig his beat and am smiling that goofy smile I get when I hear what I real like. Then there is the massive fret work, complete with the classic walk-down by the lead. The who time the rhythm guitar and bass are locked in and providing a funky bottom that synch with the drummer’s groove and augments the lead guitar’s smoking jams. Then we get to the vocals THIS singer delivers for his band.

Track 3 - Best of me - Abandoned Souls - WOW, I am getting tired just listening to these guys. I would bet money they guys are all in their 20s. There is a reason people say Rock and Roll is a Young Person’s Game. I have not heard this much blistering noise (noise is the BEST sense of the word) Since Metallica shook the earth to its core.
These guys need to be on the festival circuit playing to 20,000 people a night. I know one thing, I will not listen to this track driving...my last ticket was expensive enough.

Track 4 - Out On The Highway - Keith Hill Project - YES! Good God this is heavy and I DIG it. Again, I can see these guys playing gigs like Ozzfest. It might just be me, but this seems like Black Sabbath the next generation.
Listen to that lead guitar! Sounds to me like a little Tony influence there. The Bass is so heavy that the Geezer Butler vibe almost smacks you in the face. Then there are the drums which for some reason remind me very much of Bill Ward. The vocals are fantastic and with this rhythm section pounding out an evil bottom that blistering lead guitar makes me simply smile and think - BOOM - there it is, that magical thing called Rock and Roll.

Track 5 -Archetype - Alyeus - Emidio, man, where are you finding all of these killer tracks? This is a very interesting piece of work. On the one hand the music is heavy and the lead guitar is very fast and clean. Then the rhythm guitar plays some very fuzzy power chords while the drums pound. The thing is that despite all of the grit, the track is very melodic. Their singer can sing very well. Just when I think I know how the song is going, the band uses a guitar walk down run to go into a bass dominated section of music that gradually gets harder and harder before it picks up the original groove. All the while, I am impressed by how well the vocals blend with the music. I am tempted to label this prog-metal and I mean that in the best way possible. This is a band comprised of brilliant players.

Track 6 - Rewind - Sister Salvation - This is really cool! The track has a solid Southern Rock feeling. At the very beginning I am reminded of the Allman Brothers’ band or Lynyrd Skynyrd then the drummer starts laying down some massive bass drum fills that are wickedly fast and crisp. The lead guitar seems to take the drummer’s licks as a challenge - he pulls out some in-credible lightning bolts at the 1:59 mark and leaves the listener filled with awe. The entire time, the Southern tinged vocals are floating over the top. This is a dangerous band. What I mean is that just as in the beginning Skynyrd had a tendency to blow the headlining band off the stage by opening up with a fantastic set, this band has the same capability. Whoever follows these guys better have a very very solid drummer and a guitar player who can make it scream.

Track 7 - Social Butterfly - 13 High - I dig the slow grinding groove at the start of the song. The band starts to jam a little as the singer sings the verse then the power jam comes back at the end of the phrase. I am really intrigued by this song as at times, during the verses, they al-most sound like a blues band. Then that power chord hook comes back and they sound so METAL. There is no denying that the ax man’s solo has some old R&B roots. I LIKE this band. The vocals have the same intensity as Peter Murphy who is one of my favorite singers.

Track 8 - My Head - One Supernova - This is another track that alternates between heavy and soft I like the vocals and the entire band is comprised of talented musicians. The guitars are quite impressive and certainly jam. Overall, this is a very good song and I can only imagine what their live show is like. The singer loudly singing “They’re in my head!” over and over re-minds me of Alice Cooper. The question I have it, can this singer cut his head off and then sing? (Alice has some cool special effects!)

Track 9 - The Watcher - LUNACY - This song starts off with a really cool hook and then the drums come in with thunderous rolls. The drummer slides into a fairly straightforward beat which is accentuated with some nice rolls while the guitars play power chords. The vocals are clean and a bit menacing as he sings of insanity. The ax man has the obligatory chops to play at this level - I dig his solo quite a bit. In all honesty this song is not the most complicated on the record, although the breaks at the end are a nice touch. In reality that does not matter as these guys play with a tremendous amount of soul. Well done guys!

Track 10 - Ride Or Die - Charles Brown - Very nice grinding into that is sure to get the heads banging. The guitars, I am not sure how many there are in reality, but I can hear at least two playing the same thing, are wickedly played. I find myself really enjoying this song as one gui-tar opens up with an outrageously cool solo which eventually fades out as the song ends. If you like purely instrumental tracks, this track is sure to be on your play list!

Track 11 - Chain Reaction - The Corridors - This is very cool. The percussion intro at the be-ginning sounds a bit like a drum machine. Then the guitars come in and while they do rock, this is much different from the other tracks on the album. There is a decidedly pop/punk groove to this song. Despite the intro, I hear what sounds to me like a human drummer laying down a very solid groove with some fills that fit perfectly with the other instruments. The guitar player opens up which what, in my opinion reminds me of an 80s New Wave solo. The singer’s vocals are very good and he has an excellent voice for pop music with a twinge of punk. Overall, I find this song refreshing. These guys are doing what they are doing - there is always a tendency for music from a particular scene to start to sound a lot alike. The Corridors sound much different from the other bands on this album - note I did not say better or worse I said different and for that I give them five out of five scowls for creativity.

Track 12 - First To The Last Stand - Revenant Dead - The Darkness is back! This song is un-doubtedly intended to be an anthem as the drummer who is a monster player lays down some excellent rolls and bass drum work while the background vocals chant “Hey Hey”. I am really impressed as there are two vocalists (or perhaps one using different styles). Vocalist #1 could be Peter Murphy, which as I said above I consider to be an excellent vocalist. Vocalist #2 sounds much more evil and deadly, I am reminded of something Rob Zombie would do. The guitars scream and I am impressed. I would really like to see their live show!

Track 13 - Tonight's The Night - Bob Birthisel - BOOM this sounds like old school blues based Rock and Roll. I DIG it. The guitars have a heavy R&B groove, complete with solos that would make Chuck Berry say “That came from me!” In a sense that is true, while I have no doubt that these guys wrote this song, Berry’s influence is undeniable . That is not a bad thing at all, these guys execute the riffs perfectly. Their drummer pounds and the guitars scream while the vocalist grooves in a hypnotic way that just exudes coolness.

Track 14 - Drinking From The Silver Cup - Justin Mark Briggs - This song opens with a blast of power that is impressive. I am curious as the music has a very metal edge to it, yet the lyrics begin by talking about Hell Hounds which I first heard of from old blues musicians. Their sing-er can sing very well and the guitar is, to use an often overused, but in this case appropriate word: amazing. The bass and the drums are locked in and relentlessly crank which makes both the vocals and the guitar sound even better. All in all, this is excellent work.

Track 15 - (Dont) Hold On - Dark Avenue - The intro to this song reminds me of something from Blizzard of Ozz.
The guitar has that much of a Randy Rhoads feel. The singer sounds nothing like Ozzy, but he sounds like himself which is very cool. With a band that can make this much noise it would be easy for a singer to, perhaps subconsciously, adopt another singer’s persona. This man does not. This is another band I would love to see live!

So Folks, what is the bottom line? The bottom line is simple: Emidio knows good music! He has assembled a collection of fantastic tracks that are more than worth the purchase price. I am looking forward to volume two! Submission is open for Volume Two - submit@bongoboyrecords.com https://bongoboyrecords.com/emidiosrockdenvol2/

The Grouch | in the Rockies

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