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Tech News (more headlines) 03-13-2018

O.A.R. Keyboardist MikelParis™ Shares His Thoughts On The New Bose Professional S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System

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Framingham, MA – MikelParis™ (MP) is a true Renaissance man. Over the course of his career, he has been an actor, a percussionist for the acclaimed ensemble Stomp, a photographer, a historical documentarian through the creation of the PBS TuneTrek video series, an accompanying musician with Pink and Jewel and much more. His main gig for the past 12 years has been as keyboardist, percussionist and backup vocalist with the platinum-selling group O.A.R. MP, a long-time Bose user, recently took time out of his busy schedule to audition the new Bose Professional S1 Pro multi-position PA system and quickly discovered how the S1 could be employed for his wide range of performance applications.

“I’ve used the Bose L1 Model II in the past for a multimedia show where I was standing in front of a rear projection screen, I had a laptop, and I was running tracks and singing and playing live,” stated MP. “That system was amazing, so when I heard about the new S1, I knew I had to check it out.”

MP was recently in the Boston area for an event and had the opportunity to go to the Bose facility in Framingham to audition the S1. “When I first heard the S1, I immediately said that it’s a shrunken-down version of the L1 and F1 that you can actually pick up and carry with you,” commented MP. “I was totally impressed how the S1 filled the room, which was quite large by the way, with clean, clear sound and how intuitive it was to use to operate. I was stunned at the ‘spread’ of the sound coming out. I walked the entire room, in front, to the side and behind, and I could hear everything almost equally wherever I was standing. That was amazing. I immediately thought about how I can use the S1 for rehearsing, or as an on-stage monitor with O.A.R., or performing at my intimate, immersive TuneTrek events. It’s a very versatile product.”

The first gig that MP tried the S1 on was at the World Café in Philadelphia, where he performed with American Idol winner Nick Fradiani. “I’ve been doing some shows with Nick during downtime when O.A.R. is not on the road, and I set up the S1 as the monitor for my keyboards, which were going direct to the mains; I sent a line back to the S1, and it sounded great,” stated MP. Fradiani and MP also used the S1 in New York at a Sofar gig, which is an intimate show held in a unique venue that typically features three artists playing four songs each. Every lineup is specially curated to give audiences a very diverse show. “At this Sofar event, in addition to Nick and I, three artists actually wound up using the S1 as their monitor,” said MP. “The fact that it has the built-in reverb is also really great, especially when you want to be monitoring vocals.”

MP then took his S1 system and brought it to Washington, D.C., for an O.A.R. show with noted singer-songwriter Stephen Kellogg at the venue The Anthem. “I had the S1 on stage during rehearsals with O.A.R., as they didn’t have any stage monitors set up, because we were using in-ears,” stated MP. “But I needed to hear my keyboard while listening and learning a cover song, so I just ran the headphone line out from the keyboard into the S1, and it sounded great, so I thought I may as well just leave it up for the show, and it became my monitor for my keyboard. I had the volume set low on the S1, at like 3 or 4, yet it was sufficiently loud with plenty of headroom left. The bass was also incredible when I was playing my piano with lots of low register stuff, and there was no distortion at all – it sounded great.”

One of MikelParis’s main projects is the TuneTrek PBS video series, which explores America’s historic landmarks and tells their stories through pictures, video and an original MikelParis song that he performs at each location. “TuneTrek explores historic landmarks while I’m on tour playing music with O.A.R. The performance is for an intimate audience, and I am going to be experimenting with employing the S1 as part of the live performance aspect of these events. Because the S1 sounds great, has such a small footprint and is so versatile, I feel that it can be an important element of my setup for all the different gigs that I am doing.”

About the

The Bose Professional S1 Pro multi-position PA system is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system, and the latest addition to the acclaimed Bose portable professional product line. Designed for singer-songwriters, DJs, other musicians and general PA use, and drawing upon the award-winning technology developed for the lauded Bose L1 and F1 portable loudspeaker systems, the S1 Pro allows users to sound great anywhere. The S1 Pro truly delivers on the combination of performance, portability and versatility – ready to perform flawlessly whenever and wherever. At only 15 lbs (6.8 kg) and with dimensions of 13" x 9.5" x 11.2" (330 x 241 x 286 mm) (easily fitting in an airplane’s overhead compartment), the ultra-portable and rugged S1 Pro is lightweight and designed for effortless transport using the convenient carry-handle and easy portability when paired with the optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery accessory (sold separately).

The S1 Pro is engineered to be used in four different positions to accommodate a wide range of applications – tilt-back, elevated, mounted on a speaker stand, or placed on its side (as a floor monitor). Built-in sensors detect positional changes and trigger Auto EQ, which automatically recalibrates the system’s internal settings for each different placement/application, ensuring that users always sound their best with optimum sound in any position.

The S1 Pro comes with a three-channel mixer. Reverb and tone controls are featured on two channels with XLR / quarter-inch combo jacks, and a third channel is for either 3.5 mm (1/8”) line-in or wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, a line-out jack offers easy expansion to other systems.

Using the wireless channel, music can be played from a mobile device easily using Bluetooth streaming (great for pre-produced backing tracks or background music), while getting great sound quickly with integrated ToneMatch processing for microphones and instruments. Additionally, users can enjoy hours of play on-the-go with the S1 Pro’s optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery; a special setting and intelligent circuitry offer a choice between trickle charge or dedicated full-power charge.

For more information, visit PRO.BOSE.COM. For more information on MikelParis™, visit https://www.mikelparis.com.

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