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Music Releases (more headlines) 01-31-2018

CYBER LOVE, The Pop Album By Los Angeles International Recording Artist Diana Barash, Drops In Asia Via Bongo Boy Records On 2.2.18

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Email: info@bongoboyrecords.com
Website: http://bongoboyrecords.com/dianabarash/
Music: http://youtu.be/6cANzz3NSKc
CYBER LOVE by Diana Barash
Release Date: 2.2.18
Territory: ASIA
UPC: 708744975256 | ISRC USPXQ
Artist Page with Bongo Boy Records: https://bongoboyrecords.com/dianabarash/

The singer-songwriter/composer, Diana Barash, was born in Moldova, Eastern Europe where she began composing, singing and dancing before she could walk or talk. At the age of seven, she began classical music training. Soon thereafter, her family set out on a long journey across the globe and ended up in Israel. As a world traveler, she has been able to incorporate her experiences into an eclectic synthesis of sound as she absorbed many cultures into her music and was shaped by her multicultural beats as well as more traditional genres, such as Jazz, R&B, and Pop. A versatile performer, Diana began performing on stage at age 16, in the Los Angeles area, where she continues to reside, compose, record, and perform from time to time.
Artists Official Web Site: http://dianabarash.com

M U S I C * R E V I E W by The Grouch
Hej America!
Today I received a preview copy of the new album by Diana Barash. Diana is a young woman who has led a very interesting life. I would love to talk with her about her experiences growing and leaving her birthplace of Moldova and the, what must have been arduous trip that eventually took her to Israel, a country I have wanted to visit since childhood. World travels aside, this review is about Diana’s music.

Track 1 – Love Train 4:40 -The first thing the listener notices is the heavy synthesizer use. The synthesizer is a double-edged sword. I have heard many bands who overuse the synthesizer (I guess because once programmed, it is easy to press a button.) Then there are other bands who use the synthesizer is a truly creative way, as an instrument and not a crutch, in my opinion Diana falls into the latter group. I am a bit surprised, but I find myself smiling and grooving to her beat. Of course, the fact that her voice is simply fantastic does play a huge role. As track one comes to an end, I realize that I am eagerly looking forward to track two.

Track 2 - Noise 5:17 – I am intrigued by the title of this song. I was almost expecting something reminiscent of old Iggy Pop, when he would knock an amplifier over just for the noise it made. In actuality, this song is not at all noise. What I hear, is creative synthesizer and very cool percussion along with Diana’s beautifully soulful voice. The really interesting thing is that despite the title and Diana singing the chorus “I can hear the noise in my head, something that you said,” I find this song relaxing, that is, as long as I don’t focus on the lyrics which are obviously about her personal emotion pain and simply concentrate on the sound of her voice. Diana has a beautifully powerful voice.

Track 3 - Cyber Love 5:41 – The title track, again the synthesizer sets the tone, but I also hear some rhythm guitar that adds a funky groove. The lyrics are absolutely written with millennials in mind. It does make me feel a bit old as I was 35 years old before I ever sent a text message. What is timeless about this song is the tremendous funk groove with some really wicked guitar! I am reminded of Paul Young’s cover of I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down which was one of the first massively cool R&B jams I heard that relied mostly on synthesizer. The underlying pure soulfulness of this song, combined with Diana’s spot-on vocals makes this song one of my favorites on this album, even if I have never used Snap Chat.

Track 4 - Falling Again 4:10 – Here we go, now this is what I really like! I hear a synthesizer that is creating some magical tones, but I also hear a bass line that makes my head nod and a guitar that simply smokes. Once again Diana’s voice is spot-on, but it is the guitar that really has my attention. Man, I would love to hear Diana cover some classic R&B, she has the voice for it and as we can hear in this track her guitar player has the lightning. Excellent work!

Track 5 - When I'm with You 5:39 – I am intrigued by the beginning of the song which sounds like something you would hear at a municipal planetarium when they do a laser light show at midnight. Then the vocals come in and the song heads back to Earth. What I mean is that despite the otherworldly science fiction like sounds of the beginning, once Diana starts singing it becomes clear that this is, in essence, a traditional love song. Granted the music is extremely contemporary, and creative, but the lyrics and the emotion conveyed is timeless.

Track 6 - Love Will Conquer All 5:09 - Oh YEAH! Dig that guitar in the intro. The man can wail with an incredible amount of funk. The synthesizer comes in and add to the coolness of the entire track, then I hear the bass laying down a pattern and finally the drums come in. I realize I am thinking this is, basically, an old-school R&B jam and I am digging it! This track, reminds me very much of Motown – not too shabby for a girl from about as far away from the Motor City as one can be. The vocals sound great and the lyrics are incredibly optimistic. Diana, personally I cannot say I agree with your premise that love will conquer all, but I wholeheartedly dig the way you present this bit of personal philosophy.

Track 7 - You're My Greatest Love 7:10 – The intro is beautiful. The Spanish style guitar, the keyboards and Diana’s melodic voice all combine to make the most powerful force in the universe, captivating music. The drummer is laying down a solid beat that keeps my head moving and I realize I have that goofy smile I get when I really like a piece of music. This is one of the best, mellow songs I have ever heard, Man, oh man, Diana has a powerful voice that is both commanding and angelic. I strongly recommend you take a listen to this track, I am memorized.

Track 8 -. Waiting in the Dark 5:40 – Well, this is certainly an interesting sound at the start of the song. It seems to be some kind of flute. I have the feeling it is an old traditional folk instrument, but then I hear the very cool beat laid down by the percussion and it is clear that we are indeed in the 21st century. Overall, this song is an excellent combination of what, to me, sounds like music from different eras. The one constant is, as I have now come to expect, Diana’s killer vocals. I think Bongo Boy should add another act to my proposed “Voices from Heaven” tour.

Track 9 - Who Said It Should Last Forever 6:25 – The synthesizer at the beginning is memorizing and Diana’s whispering vocals are enchanting in the way that a mermaid would draw a sailor in, helpless to be anything, but compelled to hear more of the music. After the into, the song changes into a rather sad break-up song. I have the distinct feeling that Diana is the one doing the breaking, and she does it in such a beautiful, melodic way. I would be remiss if I did not mention the soulful, mourning guitar leads that add to the overall feeling of sadness this song evokes in the listener.

Track 10 - Jungle Searching 5:03 – Okay, I challenge anyone to listen to this song and not start to groove, the percussion is really well done. There are many layers to this song which, believe it or not remind me of the attention to detail Prince put in his albums. The funk jam in the middle of the song really makes me smile! Overall, this is one more excellent song on what is turning out to be an incredible album.

Track 11 - Cyber Love (Remix) 4:17 – Well, this is an interesting twist. This is the same song as track 3, but to my ears there is quite a bit of difference between the two versions. This version grooves and I dig it. It has a funky edge, but it is much more subdued than the version on track 3. Overall, this is a very good remix!

So, what is the bottom line? The bottom line is that Cyber Love is an excellent album by a young woman with an incredible voice who has the ability to create exceptionally creative music, I wholeheartedly recommend this album. There is not a bad track on the entire record, if I can use that archaic term.

The Grouch | in the Rockies

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