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Band News (more headlines) 01-03-2013

TWEEN "Pop-Rock" Singer-Songwriter Mason Pace Awarded The Inspire & Develop Artist Award / IDA Program Presented By Billboard Magazine "Producer Of The Decade" Rudy Perez

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Email: info@masonpacemusic.com
Music: http://www.masonpacemusic.com/audio/Robo-Emotion_2_hifi.m3u

Mason Pace Music
Kim Peterson / Manager

Boca Raton / 11 year old TWEEN "Pop-Rock" Singer-Songwriter Mason Pace awarded the Inspire & Develop Artist Award / IDA Program Presented by Billboard Magazine" Producer of the Decade Rudy Perez

Young talented singer-songwriter-musician is ready to take it to the next level.

BOCA RATON, FL (January 1, 2013) - Mason Pace, a young 11 year old talented and aspiring musical artist recently audition, was accepted and awarded the Inspire & Develop Artist Award to attend the IDA program from the Inspire & Develop Artists Educational Program. The Program is a once life-time experience that is a week long and will take place in Miami Beach, FL starting January 27th.

IDA is an exclusive artist development program that will immerse Mason into creative songwriting, recording and singing that will enable him to push his abilities to new heights. In addition, he will receive training and performance critiques by music industry experts.

The program is presented by Billboard Magazines "Producer of the Decade" Rudy Perez and David Frangioni and Promedia Training LLC.

The mentors will be Rudy Perez, one of the most sought after producer/songwriters in the entertainment industry, Jon Secada an internationally known singer and songwriter who has sold over 20 million albums and performed countless sold out concerts, Mark Hudson, Grammy® Award-winning record producer, musician and songwriter and star of VH1 series "Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp." The fourth mentor at IDA is David Frangioni, who is a technical consultant, engineer, programmer, author, as well as, recipient of many gold and platinum records.

About Mason Pace:

Mason Pace comes from a family of goal oriented parents that have a true understanding of how dedicating yourself to a practice or your passion can build self confidence, self esteem and positive results for achieving personal best success. His Mother from 1991 to 1996 was one of the top Female Fitness Competitors in the country and his Father a Pan American Games Gold Medalist, US Open Champion and eight time National Champion Swimmer. Together the two of them know how to strike a balance that encourages this young talent to follow his dreams.

His mother first noticed that he had an ear for music before he could even speak. He would grunt or cry, wanting her to stop, when she would attempt to sing to him. Not knowing what to do, she went back to her Mothering 101 book that said if you can't sing then hum. She tried that too and still got the same response. At his 2nd and 3rd birthday party the family would sing happy birthday terribly out of tune and, poor thing, he would cry. It wasn't until later that she realized why.

While taking piano, guitar, and voice lessons from Bravo Academy, at the age of 6, one of his instructors turned to Mrs. Pace and said, "Your son has perfect pitch". Not really knowing what that was at the time she took it as a nice compliment. A year passed and on a separate occasion another instructor said the same thing. She then went home and told her husband who said, "your are kidding me". He then had Mason tested and sure enough, he did. This was when his parents decided to take his musical development more seriously and took Mason to see Dr. Jon Robertson the dean of the Lynn University Conservatory of Music.

Mason auditioned with Ms. Luisa Fuentas the Director of the Preparatory School of Music. He was accepted and went on to study classical guitar, piano, voice, and music theory and composition. In addition, he continued to train privately with electric guitar, and performance/dance lessons.

As Mason started to advance with his musical skills, his mother felt it was time to look for a music producer / songwriter. She came across a producer / songwriter named Andres Dalmastro and couldn't believe how similar he was to Mason. Andres, very accomplished in his musical career, was the son of parents who were Olympians. He too grew up with parents very much like Mason's and, like Mason, he was the musical one. Not having ever met Andres, Mason's mother sent an email and her shot in the dark paid off. Andres and Mason had a connection immediately and after seeing Mason's abilities, Andres worked with him for four hours with no strings attached. Despite Andres' policy of not taking on such young clients, he was excited to work with Mason and they have been working in 4-6 hour long sessions once a month. Within in one year, they have written and produced 3 songs; Lost Hero, Roller-coaster, and his newest Anti-Bullying song Robo-Emotion, all now available on iTunes.

All of his hard work, dedication and passion for music has helped Mason win leading solo roles in his school choir, plays, and talent shows. Additionally, he has performed for fundraisers and events such as:

Life Time Athletic Boca Raton / COMMITMENT DAY 5k for special Olympics, Rock-The-Run sponsored by Mercedes
2-1-1 Luncheon where he was featured in the Sun Sentinels Society Page playing the Phantom of the Opera
Colony Hotel - Performance with Eric Hansen
Boca Raton Resort & Club Performance
Meet Me on the Promenade Boca Raton Community Event
Full Set Performance at Art Attack Performance.

Also, over the summer, Mason auditioned for Pablo Malco of the Pablo Malco Foundation and was selected to perform a solo of his original song "Rollercoaster" in the Hip-Hop Symphony, where he performed eight times over the summer. He gained a lot screaming tween fans, experience, and confidence that has allowed him to showcase his first music video on Youtube.

To date Mason can be found online at www.MasonPaceMusic.com. Here you can read his bio, join his mailing list to receive invitations to upcoming performances, listen to his music, see him perform on YouTube, download his music, follow him on his facebook and twitter accounts.

What kind of Music does Mason like to listen to? Rock, Pop and Classical. His favorite bands/artists include Aerosmith, Ozzy Osborne, Elvis, Maroon 5, PitBull, Michael Jackson, Beethoven, and Mozart.

He is an up and coming TWEEN "Pop-Rock" Artist that is attracting a lot of attention from tween fans 9-13 year old. The goal for this year is to put Mason together with young dancers/performers/musicians and choreograph shows that can provide entertainment and positive impact on tweens, to seek sponsorships and endorsements in order to support touring engagements.

What's next for Mason? 2013 is what is next. Starting January he will be joining forces with the Hip-Hop Kidz's select professional kid dancers that will make up his talented dance team for Robo-Emotion and other hit songs. Once the songs are choreographed, Mason and his Hip Hop Kidz Dancers will perform all over South Florida and television, getting the word out to encourage bullies to "break down the walls" and become friends. To entertain! At the end of the month he will attend the week long IDA Program where he will produce his 4th song. And from there, he will continue work with his instructors, parents, Andres, and the IDA team to pursue his dreams an share his talents with more people.

Connect with Mason Pace:


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