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Band News (more headlines) 06-28-2012

Tale Ognenovski, Titan Of The Clarinet And Composer Of Clarinet Music, Dies

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Website: http://www.taleognenovski.com.mk
Music: http://www.amazon.com/Mozart-And-Ognenovski-Clarinet-Concertos/dp[...]

Tale Ognenovski, known across the globe for his virtuosic performances, died suddenly on April 19, 2012 at his home in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He was 90 years old. His technique and the excitement of his playing were legendary. Ognenovski's success with the audience was phenomenal.

In his debut performance as clarinet and reed pipe (recorder) instrumental soloist at Carnegie Hall, New York City on January 27, 1956 with Macedonian Ensemble "Tanec", John Martin (became America’s first major dance critic in 1927) then a critic for The New York Times, described his performance as "tremendous skill", "brilliantly spectacular and wonderfully unfamiliar dances", "great individuality", "incredible phrases", "raucous and unforgettable pipe",…, Article entitled "Ballet: Yugoslav Folk Art; 'Tanec' Dancers Appear at Carnegie Hall in Display of Tremendous Skill", (The New York Times, January 28, 1956), and "amazing variety to the dances", "thousand different shades of dynamics", "conscious virtuosity", "the broken circles of the kolo of the Macedonian mountains", "dateless reed pipe"…, Article entitled "THE DANCE: FOLK ART; Group From Yugoslavia In Impressive Debut Learning vs. Magic No Macedonian Monopoly The Week's Events", (The New York Times, February 5, 1956).

These musical terms written in these articles are the most brilliant musical expressions written for performance by an instrumental soloist (with orchestra) in Carnegie Hall in New York published in The New York Times from 1891 until now.

Tale Ognenovski played for most parts of the programme, including the Macedonian folk dances "Bride's Dance" ("Nevestinsko Oro"), "Chupurlika", "Sopska Poskocica" ("Shopska Podripnuvachka"), "Kopachka", "Shepherd's Dance" ("Ovcharsko Oro"), "Soborski Igri", Macedonian songs, Serbian folk dances and songs and "Shote", an Albanian folk dance.

Allmusic's reviewer, Craig Harris, noted: "The only professional folklore ensemble in Macedonia, the Tanec Ensemble are dedicated to the preservation of traditional Macedonian music, dance, and costuming. Founded by the government of the People's Republic of Macedonia in 1949, the group has shared their musical heritage with audiences around the world for more than half a century, performing an estimated 3,500 concerts in 31 countries'... The ensemble reached their peak during the late '50s, when influential clarinet and pipes player Tale Ognenovski was a member."

The death of Tale Ognenovski who brought folk dances from Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Albania to Carnegie Hall and enthralled millions with his music brought press attention in Republic of Macedonia:

"Maestro Tale Ognenovski, especially from the international scene, was evaluated as one of the greatest cultural ambassadors to Macedonia, and critics have described as one of the greatest composers in the world of music .... Ethno-musicologist Dusko Dimitrovski in the book "For our music" (ISBN 9989-600-01-5, published by BID "Misirkov", 1994) to describe Tale Ognenovski writes: " The prodigy, however, is called Tale Ognenovski ... The impossible becomes possible: two, "usually non-complimentary" parallel-existing worlds of sounds - Europe - The Orient - are in Tale Ognenovski's music naturally brought closer together, understand each other and merge”, Article entitled "Tale Ognenovski, Virtuoso of the Clarinet, is dead." - By Tina Ivanova, June 21, 2012, Utrinski Vesnik, Republic of Macedonia.

“He was known as one of the world's ambassadors of Macedonian music. He has composed and arranged 150 folk dances, jazz compositions, one classical concert, and today's young musicians learn from his rich oeuvre. Tale Ognenovski, virtuoso of the clarinet, who was known as one of the world's ambassadors of music, went into legends ... Ognenovski left behind a rich opus of which teach generations of young musicians... Though best known as a clarinetist, played the bagpipes, zourla and drum. In 1956 with the ensemble "Tanec" performed in the prestigious "Carnegie Hall" in New York and reputable newspapers like "The New York Times," "Life," "Los Angeles Times” have published articles on this Macedonian musician… " - By Adrijana Andova, June 22, 2012, Dnevnik, Republic of Macedonia.

“…Macedonian Virtuoso of the Clarinet Tale Ognenovski, was considered one of the greatest cultural ambassadors to Macedonia. …Macedonian folk dances of Ognenovski is performed in Switzerland, France, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, Denmark, Austria. The ensemble "Tanec" has performed at the most famous concert venues in North America and Europe with fantastic success. Particularly stands out his concert at the prestigious "Carnegie Hall" in New York City on 27 January 1956, and was the first Macedonian who performed at the scene when he received outstanding reviews from audiences and critics…”, Article entitled "Silence from the Clarinet of Tale Ognenovski" - By Nova Makedonija, June 23, 2012, Republic of Macedonia.

“…Maestro Ognenovski was considered one of the greatest cultural ambassadors to Macedonia and one of the greatest composers .... He has composed and arranged 150 Macedonian folk dances, one classical concert entitled “Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1” and more jazz compositions. His works represent the clarinet as an instrument which has the ability to express the highest range in music.”, Article entitled "Tale Ognenovski, Virtuoso of the Clarinet is dead" - By Vest, June 22, 2012, Republic of Macedonia.

Grief and loss from his friend Mr. Jim (Dimce) Cvetkovski, Buffalo, New York
“On June 19, 2012 the world lost a brilliant artist, musician, composer, author and innovator. There will never be another Tale Ognenovski, but his music and spirit will live on forever. He was truly gifted, talented, and unique in style. I have been listening to his music since childhood, and he inspired me from the very first time…”.

Mr. Ognenovski recently on April 27, 2012 celebrated his 90th birthday.
He has received congratulations from his friend Jim (Dimce) Cvetkovski: “Happy 90th Birthday,
Celebrate your life because it's filled with priceless memories, wonderful stories, and people who love you!”… "His music is unique in style like no other and will live on forever. He has bridged the gaps among folk music, classical music and jazz. No other artist in the world of music - any music, has ever done or accomplished this. But Tale successfully done so, in a unique genius way. He is truly best in the world..."

Interview: Tale Ognenovski - Shilo Magazine: "Folk music is our greatest treasure and proof is the performance of folk music from me as a clarinet and reed pipe soloist together with other members of the orchestra and dancers of the Macedonian Ensemble "Tanec" of 66 concerts held in prestigious concert halls in North America from January 22 - 12 April, 1956. So brilliant commentaries written by the most prominent music critics and published in the elite newspapers and magazines in North America are not written for any ensemble or an artist in any musical genre performed on tour in North America until now.” - Tale Ognenovski interview with Valentina Gorgievska of Shilo Magazine, Australian Macedonian monthly magazine, Sydney, Issue: August 2011, No 51, Article entitled: “Tale Ognenovski, one of the best clarinet virtuoso in the world who flashed at Carnegie Hall”

"In honor of the anniversary 250 anniversary of the birth of musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756-27 January 2006) Tale Ognenovski, Musical Genius has released CD album entitled "MOZART and OGNENOVSKI Clarinet Concertos". On this day January 27, is another big anniversary for him, and the Macedonian culture, 50 - years of performances of Tale Ognenovski in Carnegie Hall in New York, together with the Macedonian Ensemble "Ensemble" where, by the reaction of the audience and the writing of American press, achieved a sensational success. Ognenovski has considered musical genius, the greatest clarinet instrumentalist, reed pipe (recorder), small bagpipe and zourla of all times in the world and one of the greatest composers in world music history...", Article entitled "Tale Ognenovski, Virtouso of the Clarinet Celebrate Jubilee Today: Fifty years after the appearance of Tale and Ensemble "Tanec" at Carnegie Hall" - By Valentina Gorgievska, September 5, 2006, Vecher, Republic of Macedonia.

Tour of North America
Tale Ognenovski with Macedonian Ensemble ‘Tanec’s performed on one of the most popular television programmes in the United States, the Ford Foundation TV Programme "OMNIBUS", on January 22, 1956. This programme was seen by millions of Americans. This TV debut of ‘Tanec’ on CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) Television Network, one of the largest radio and television broadcasting companies in the United States, created great interest in all 65 concerts in many towns throughout the United States. Omnibus was the most successful cultural magazine series in the history of U.S. commercial television and a prototype for the development of programming on educational television.The series won more than 65 awards, including seven Emmy Awards and two Peabody Awards. The series is held at The Library of Congress and Global ImageWorks, among other archives.

The great contribution of Tale Ognenovski for tremendous success of Ensemble "Tanec" at North America tour can be seen in the published articles in major North American newspapers:

"Venerable Carnegie Hall fairly vibrated as the audience blistered its palms in appreciation..." - By Robert Coleman, New York Daily Mirror, January 28, 1956.

"Last night this Yugoslav National Folk Ballet preluded a transcontinental tour at Carnegie Hall" "none of them won a more enthusiastic reception than the Yugoslav National Folk Ballet - By William Hawkins, New York World Telegram, January 28, 1956.

"An audience which jammed Carnegie to capacity (the house had been sold out by last Monday) cheered and applauded the folk dancing," "as if it had been witnessing classical, theatrical ballet at its most glittering...." Article: "Yugoslav Folk Ballet," By Walter Terry, New York Herald Tribune., January 28, 1956.

"The capacity audience at Carnegie Hall on January 27 for the single New York performance of Tanec, the Yugoslav National Folk Ballet, enjoyed a fascinating cross-section of over 2000 years of human history and culture. Tanec is a Macedonian group..." Article: "REVIEWS OF Yugoslav National Folk Ballet Carnegie Hall January 27, 1956", Dance observer: Volumes 23- 24, April, 1956.

"Colorful Addition to International Dance," "IF IT EVER COMES to an all out global brawl, I want the Yugoslavs on my side," "Called Tanec, which is the Macedonian word for dance, this group of 37 dancers, singers and musicians is a kaleidoscope of the Balkans," "When five of them dance the "Sopska Poskocica," which apparently just means they are showing off to the girls. I would keep them any day as a unfair trade for the four little swans in "Swan Lake"... Article: "On the Aisle - Yugoslav Ballet a Colorful Addition to International Dance " - By Claudia Cassidy, Chicago Daily Tribune, , February 6, 1956.

"there was a remarkable precision in both dancing and playing," "Clarinet, bass fiddle, violin, drums, guitar and flute provided most of the accompaniments in various combinations" ... Article: "Yugoslav Ballet Visits Academy", By Samuel Singer, The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 8, 1956.

"A Sopska Poskocica is devised to show," "wonderful and brilliant and exciting and sensational" "tremendous energy and precision," "is unique and demanded a repetition," "If you see "Tanec" which simply means "Dance" advertised again, you won't want to miss it" ... " Article: "Yugoslav Dancers Shoot the Works" - By Paul Hume,The Washington Post and Times Herald, Washington, D.C., , February 10, 1956.

"The first impression, however, must be one of rhythmic precision," "Nor was the performance without spectacle," "in the case of one dance, Sopska Poskocica it was no more than a show-off dance. As such it was highly effective" ... Article: "Music in Toronto"- By John Kraglund, The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada), February 14, 1956.

"FRESH AS A BREATH of mountain air comes Tanec, the Yugoslav National Folk Ballet, now on its first American tour," "Tanec means dance including drama, song, and music" ... - Article: " Yugoslav National Folk Ballet 'A Breath of Mountain Air'" - By Margaret Lloyd Dance Critic of Christian Science Monitor, Boston, Mass., March 2, 1956.

"and never more so than in a number titled simply "Macedonian Tune," which in its intricate rhythms and plaintive melody should at least make Dave Brubeck send out an emergency call for Darius Milhaud" ... Article: "Yugoslav Ballet Proves Folk Dancing 'Tricky'" - By R. H. Hagan, San Francisco Chronicle, March 8, 1956.

"The Yugoslav National Folk Ballet known at home as Tanec excited a large audience," "For authentic folk dancing, wild and free and yet subject to its own intricate disciplines, this group would be hard to beat," "with superb vitality and style," "They are accompanied by a group of musicians consisting of a violinist, guitar and accordion players, a flutist, a clarinetist and double bass, though drums of different types are frequently involved, as well as a shepherd's reed pipe" ... Article: "Yugoslav Folk Ballet Opens Engagement" - By Albert Goldberg, Los Angeles Times, , March 13, 1956.

"A hundred years ago on the rugged roads of Macedonia, bands of brigands used to plunder the caravans of rich merchants and, like Robin Hood, pass on some of their spoils to the poor... the Yugoslav National Folk Ballet which this spring is making a first, and highly successful, tour of the U.S...Together they make as vigorous a display of dancing as the U.S. has ever seen..." Article: " BOUNCING BRIGANDS Yugoslavs come to U.S" - By Life (magazine), April 9, 1956 (pp 173)

So brilliant commentaries written by the most prominent music critics and published in the elite newspapers and magazines in North America are not written for any ensemble or an artist in any musical genre performed on tour in North America until now.

First tour of Tale Ognenovski with Macedonian Ensemble ‘Tanec’ was to Bulgaria (November and December, 1955), followed soon after by a tour throughout the United States of America and Canada (66 concerts, between January 22, 1956 and April 12, 1956). During the period July 1, 1956 and September 1, 1960, while employed by Ensemble “Tanec”, he toured Germany (74 concerts, from August 15, 1956 until October 27, 1956 and September 18 and 19, 1959 in Dortmund), Albania (9 concerts, October, 1957), Romania (9 concerts, December, 1957 and January 1958), Switzerland (Berne, July 7 and 8 and Geneva, July 9 and 10, 1959) and France (83 concerts, from September 20 until November 25, 1959). He also toured with the Ensemble throughout the former Yugoslavia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia,

Macedonian Radio Television
From 1960 to 1967, Tale Ognenovski worked with “Macedonian Radio Television. In 1966, Tale Ognenovski became Head of the “Folk Music Orchestra” of “Macedonian Radio Television”. In 1967 Tale Ognenovski retired, but he continued to play on an honorary basis in the “Chalgii” Orchestra on “Macedonian Radio Television” until 1979.

Compositions and Recordings
He has composed and arranged 150 Macedonian folk dances including: Nevenino Oro, Brusnichko Oro, Bukovsko Svadbarsko Oro, Talevo Kasapsko Oro, Stevchevo Oro, Sharsko Oro, Pelistersko Oro, Talevo Svadbarsko Oro, Piperkovo Oro…, Some of his compositions have been recorded on 11 LPs, 11 cassettes and 10 gramophone records. Labels: PGP RTB (Radio Television Belgrade), Serbia; Jugoton, Zagreb, Croatia; Macedonian Radio-Television Republic of Macedonia and Independent Records, US. He made his recording debut as a composer with the Galevski-Nanchevski Orchestra in 1963, with the first record EP 14700 produced by PGP RTB - "Radio Televizija Beograd" (Radio Television Belgrade (now Radio Television Serbia), Belgrade, Serbia). In 1965, Tale Ognenovski established his own "Tale Ognenovski Orchestra", and PGP RTB produces the record EP 14711, He made his recording debut for Jugoton Zagreb, Croatia with the record EPY-3851 (1967).

In 2001 Tale Ognenovski formed Quartet with his son, Stevan on drum and reed pipe (recorder) and grandsons Nikola on reed pipe and Kliment on reed pipe. Tale Ognenovski is soloist on clarinet, reed pipe (recorder), tin whistle, small bagpipe and zourla (zurla). In September, 2001 was released CD album: Jazz, Macedonian Folk Dances and Classical Music (IR04542, Independent Records, US). This CD includes: 6 Macedonian folk dances, 3 Jazz compositions and concert entitled: "Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1" all composed by Tale Ognenovski. Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1 is the most beautiful and the most difficult Clarinet Concerto of all time.
The Amazon.com's reviewer, Erika Borsos, noted that "The traditional Macedonian folk tunes and melodies, "Brusnichko Oro", "Nevenino Oro", "Bukovsko svadbarsko oro", and "Talevo kasapsko oro" are my favorites because the minor scale and unusual rhythms allow for highly fluid and lyrical melodic interpretation. Tale Ognenovski is a master of interpretative clarinet sounds and inventor of exotic musical phrases… He can play fast, exciting, speeding clarinet music or music that is spiritual meditative and soulful."

"This Audio CD album entitled “Jazz, Macedonian Folk Dances and Classical Music” is confirmation that Tale Ognenovski is the greatest clarinetist of all time in the World, demonstrating unique skill, a wealth of invention, amazing improvisational virtuosity, and outstanding musical competence... ” ", Article entitled "Mix of Macedonian Folk Dances and World Jazz of the Old Maestro " - By Sonja Stoilkovska, January 31, 2002, Dnevnik, Republic of Macedonia.

In 2005 with accompaniment of his son Stevan Ognenovski on drum Tale Ognenovski recorded Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622 (Clarinet Concerto (Mozart)) This album "MOZART and OGNENOVSKI Clarinet Concertos" (IR37223, Independent Records, US - (Tracks: Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Allegro; Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Adagio; Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Rondo - Allegro and Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1.) released in January 24, 2006 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27, 1956 – 2006) includes "Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1" (clarinet, tin whistle, small bagpipe and zourla (zurla)). He incorporated clarinet as second classical instrument into his arrangements, notably on the Mozart Clarinet Concerto Composed by Mozart. Tale Ognenovski arranged parts of the Mozart's clarinet concerto for two clarinets. In this recording the clarinet is accompanied by drum performed by his son Stevan Ognenovski or by drum and second clarinet (performed by Tale Ognenovski).

Amazon.com Reviews of this CD:
"This reviewer is familiar with the three B's of classical music: Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms and can distinguish their styles, one can *now* add a fourth "B" which stands for "Balkan" as played by Tale Ognenovski... Ognenovski explodes with passion as he performs his own "Tale Ognenovski Concerto for Clarinet No. 1" ... The labyrinthine musical pathways he creates are enormously pleasing to the listener. The pentatonic scale and odd metered rhythms of Macedonia awaken the listener to new vistas of musical excitement and enjoyment...", Review entitled: " Mozart Born Anew! Outstanding Musical Interpretation", By Erika Borsos, April 13, 2006.

“... no other clarinetist can touch him. after having bought the cd, you will not be able to listen to anything else!! … and bravo mr. ognenovski, for inspiring the world of clarinetists …", Review entitled: "exquisite, you must buy it " - By Michele Zukovsky , 1st clarinet los angeles philharmonic, April 14, 2011.

"… this is now my most favorite recording of the Mozart Concerto. I can only hope all clarinetists near and far will learn from this unique interpretation. Bravo Mr.Ognenovski, you've set a new standard." Review entitled: "A New Standard has Been Set", By Julia Heinen, Professor of Clarinet, California State University, Northridge, April 14, 2011.

"I must concur with my colleague, Michele Z., for her astute observations regarding Mr. Ognenovski's artistry. His subtle phrasing and amazing tone leave one breathless. Words cannot adequately describe the impression his recordings make …", Review entitled: " Unique Genius", By David Gilman, orchestral & solo clarinetist, Lake Forest, CA, USA, April 16, 2011.

These are the most brilliant Reviews published at Amazon.com about the performance of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A, K.622 for any artist who performed this concert.

Review from his friend Jim (Dimce) Cvetkovski:
“…no one can play the clarinet with such perfection, clean tone, variations, curves and improvisation ( without losing the original piece or composition ), like musical Genius Maestro Tale Ognenovski can. Many clarinetists only play one type or style of music Tale can play any style with perfection. "MOZART AND OGNENOVSKI' CD will go down in history as one of the best clarinet concertos ever recorded.”, March 26, 2006.

In September 2008, Tale Ognenovski Quartet released his second CD album: Macedonian Clarinet Jazz Composed by Tale Ognenovski (IR38824, Independent Records, US) with twelve tracks. Amazon.com's reviewer Erika Borsos wrote: "Jazz music has a freedom of expression like few other musical styles. Tale Ognenovski uses the most intricate Western playing techniques and combines them with exotic Balkan stylizations creating a pure and genuine new dimensional sound. The listener's spirit soars, dances and flies with pleasure and anticipation gliding on every note and musical phrase…"

Tale Ognenovski won the All About Jazz Recognition: "Jazz Musician of the Day" on April 27, 2009 and again on April 27, 20010 which where announced at All About Jazz Web site.

First Award Clarinet as the best clarinetist at the first Macedonia Festival of Folk Dances and Songs, held in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on October 11, 1948. 453 Folk dances and songs groups competed in this festival.

First Award at the Yugoslav (Former Yugoslavia) Folk Music Festival in Opatija, Croatia, September 9–12, 1951, together with another 11 members of the Folk Dance Ensemble from the Bitola village of Nizhopole, Republic of Macedonia. This was out of 85 folk dance groups from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia. The Yugoslav (Former Yugoslavian) Folk Music Festival in Opatija had been specially arranged for the members of the Conference of the International Folk Music Council. IFMC - The International Folk Music Council was established in 1947 in London, UK.

“Yugoslavian Stage Award" ("Estradna nagrada Jugoslavije"), the greatest award in former Yugoslavia for musical stage artists, from the Association of Stage Artists of Yugoslavia, Zagreb, Croatia, October 31, 1978.

"11 October" Award, the highest and the most prestigious national award in Republic of Macedonia. "11 October" Award recipients are selected based on their "contributions to the creation, growth and support of the arts in the Republic of Macedonia.", Octobar 11, 2003. The glittering ceremony on October 11, 2003 in the Macedonian Parliament was attended by Mr. Boris Trajkovski (19 November 1999 – 26 February 2004), President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Branko Crvenkovski (1992 to 1998 and again from 2002 to May, 2004), Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Popovski (October 3, 2002 - November 8, 2003), President of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Kiro Gligorov (January 27, 1991 – November 19, 1999), the First President of Republic of Macedonia,Ms. Radmila Shekerinska (November 1, 2002 – August 27, 2006), Deputy to the President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Liljana Popovska (January 23, 2003 – December 6, 2004), Vice President of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Hari Kostov (2002 – 2004), Minister of Interior of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Members of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia…

Prime Minister of Republic of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski awarded Certificates for National Pensions to the composer and clarinetist Tale Ognenovski and 39 prominent representatives of cultural life in Republic of Macedonia for their contributions to Macedonian culture (March 3, 2012). The glittering ceremony in the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle was attended by Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kancheska Milevska and her deputy Dragan Nedeljkovic.

Biography book
Tale Ognenovski's biographer is his son Stevan Ognenovski, Mag.Scient., who wrote the book entitled: Tale Ognenovski Virtuoso of the Clarinet and Composer / Тале Огненовски виртуоз на кларинет и композитор (2000 - ISBN 9989-48-312-4 ; 406 pages format A4). The book is published in both Macedonian and English. Publishing house is Matica Makedonska, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The content of the book are: the biography of Tale Ognenovski and music notation of compositions of 67 Macedonian Folk Dances, "Tale Ognenovski Clarinet Concerto No.1" and "Tale Ognenovski Jazz composition No. 1" (all composed by Tale Ognenovski).

Tale Ognenovski, with his clarinet led a generations of music fans around the world. History will judge him as the greatest clarinetist of all time and one of the most innovative clarinetists and composer of clarinet music.
Mr. Ognenovski impressed and amazed clarinetists of all schools.
Amazing technique, electrifying temperament, variety of phrasing, spectacular clarinet solos are both interesting and fascinating for people to listen to and to admire.
Tale Ognenovski, the greatest clarinetist of all time has opened up new possibilities for the clarinet that no one could have predicted.

Mr. Ognenovski took his music around the world and his music and spirit will live on forever.

For more information please visit:


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