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“THE NEW” Wins AirPlay Direct’s “All Things Digital” Artist Contest

05-04-2007 | Band News

Throughout the month of April, AirPlay Direct and Holland Media Promotions co-sponsored AirPlay Direct’s first "All Things Digital" artist promotion contest for our artist / label members. This was a winner take all contest with a Grand Prize package valued at over $3,000 and includes a digital radio / media promotion campaign from HMP and a premier "Featured Artist" advertising package from AirPlay Direct. There were a lot of very cool songs submitted. AirPlay Direct would like to thank all of the entrants, as well as our co-sponsor HMP.

"The New has a very cool and relevant style that wraps around their well crafted songs to create an interesting and unique sound. We are pleased to have The New as our winners and expect big things for them in the coming months." Robert Weingartz, Founder / CMO - AirPlay Direct

The New was formed in 2006, after singer-songwriter Arthur Adam ten Cate and drummer Jaimy Quite decided that it was time to find a way past the sweet songs and beyond the subordinate drums, to find a way to make crafted, loud and really expressive melodic pop songs, using minimal means and maximal effort/energy. The New calls this: over-the-top-pop.

Listen to and download "broadcast-quality" tracks (radio) from The New at

For more information on AirPlay Direct please visit

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