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London Conjugates French Rock 'au Feminin'

04-14-2007 | Music Events

The festival 'Les Femmes s'en MÍlent' (Women are Implicated) will take place the 1st, 2nd and 4th of May at the Borderline venue in London.

For 10 years now, the festival 'Les Femmes s'en MÍlent' has for purpose to defend a certain idea of the feminine musical scene. Voluntarily oriented towards independent music, the festival is focused on quality rock, intimate folk and original pop which is rarely played on the radio.
Since 1997, this original festival has had the privilege to bring on board artists such as Nouvelle Vague, Metric, Ann Clark, Brigitte Fontaine, Coralie Clťment, and is certainly not ready to stop.

Initially, the 'Femmes s'en MÍlent' festival tried to diffuse itself throughout French territory. But after the popularity it has gained over the years, the growing bird needs to spread its wings abroad thus explaining how the tour organizer, Imperial, has set up three dates in the classy Borderline venue in London.

The event will take place over three nights, each evening offering a different set of French and British acts, because the festival is focused on promoting feminine rock from any country.

The enchanting Emilie Simon will perform with Catriona Irving the 1st of May, followed the next night by Tender Forever with Hafdis Huld and Bunny Rabbit, to finally end with the electro rockers Pravda the 4th of May, accompanied by the new French rock phenomenon Plastiscines, without forgetting Rose Kemp and Lake Me.

Even though today, many French artists are performing more and more in London, there is still much to do for the promotion of French artists in Britain, especially for the new emerging scene which is making much commotion. This is why, with the help of the French Music Export Office, the 'Femmes s'en MÍlent' festival has invited a consequent number of publishers, agents, labels, distributors and other music professionals to come over to the gigs, and experience the buzz.

This event is major in terms of importance concerning the promotion of the cited artists. Singers such as Emilie Simon, who has her discs released in many countries except for the UK, wishes strongly to make it on British soil, because all in all... Who doesn't ?

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