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MusicWorld3D Mobile Live Concert Streaming Rig is on the Road!

04-04-2007 | Tech News

MusicWorld3D Mobile Live Concert Streaming Rig is on the Road!
Rick Heid
Virtual Media Promotions, Inc.
FAX: 321-206-4874

April 2007, – Over the past year, many have enjoyed the live streaming concerts featured by the Metro Underground, a Virtual Venue in the 3D Music Community known as Musician’s Playground 3D including artists such as Vocal Drop, Matt O’Ree, Mr Bella, Madison Fair, and Veronica’s Veil to name a few. Our newest Virtual Venue is Ybor Cigar and Spirits in Lakeland Florida, and soon we will be adding many others. This gives a plethera of concert choices to our 3D users that can be enjoyed free of charge in the comfort of their homes, will providing a social setting due to the interactive nature of our Virtual Music Community.

New to our Net TV programming is the “LIVE MOBILE” streaming concerts. Featuring artists performing in Florida club venues, is bringing the concert experience directly to the homes of “citizens” of the 3D multi user Virtual Reality Music Cummunity that is at the center of our concept.

Our concerts are streamed to video screens in various concert venues within the 3D World. Users simply click the screen to connect to the stream to enjoy the show. This experience is enjoyed in real time with other concert goers who can interact via the built in chat included with the free 3D Browser which can be downloaded from our main website . And best of all, there is no charge to join the community or to visit as a “tourist” to enjoy these live events which are featured nearly every week. The shows are also archived and can be viewed “on demand” upon request.

Utilizing two high resolution cameras connected to special video proccessing equipment enables our on location technicians to incoporate scene fades, wipes, resolves and other special effects in real time to further enhance the viewer’s experience. The audio is embedded in the stream in CD quality, and is also “in 3D”. If you turn left or right, the sound will pan just as if you were standing right in front of the stage, making the experience totally immersive.

We have had the pleasure of streaming artists such as Bitter Edge, The 7th Floor, and Matt O’Ree to name a few, and have upcoming events including Tammy Hatch, Ruby James, Billy Norris among many others. We are excited to be bringing a concert event May, 20th from Revolutions in Ft Lauderdale Florida featuring more than twenty bands on two stages.

ABOUT Virtual Media Promotions, Inc. – VMP, Inc. a Florida based Corporation, was founded by Richard Heidenreich, an independent musician, and vested partners, with a shared vision of helping indie artists to succeed and be noticed using live performances and 3D multimedia technology. To gain further understanding of our concept and services, please review the Interview article written by Anne Freeman for MusicDish here:

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