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04-03-2007 | Web Events


AirPlay Direct is pleased to announce our first “All Things Digital” artist contest.

Throughout the month of April, AirPlay Direct and Holland Media Promotions will be co-sponsoring our first "All Things Digital" artist promotion contest for our artist / label members. We will be awarding one Grand Prize package, winner takes all. The winning song / artist will receive the Grand Prize package which will include a digital radio / media promotion campaign from HMP and a premier "Featured Artist" advertising package from AirPlay Direct. The Grand Prize package is valued at over $3,000...! We will combine the industry expertise of HMP with the power and speed of AirPlay Direct's digital "smart-tools" to promote the winning single globally.

This contest is FREE and very simple... the best song wins. You must be an AirPlay Direct member to enter; all genres of music are welcome. Pick your best songs, you can submit from 1 to 3 tracks. Submit your AirPlay Direct Digital Promo Kit / DPK to HMP at . If you are not already an AirPlay Direct member please visit to register for our FREE digital services.

Deadline for submissions is April 25th. The winner will be announced and "Featured" in the AirPlay Direct Radio Programmers Newsletter for May, as well as in a company press release to all media outlets.

A little about AirPlay Direct:

AirPlay Direct is an easy to use digital file transfer system that was developed to streamline radio / artist promotion activities for today's music industry. AirPlay Direct’s FREE services replace the unnecessary time and expense of putting together and sending out costly traditional artist packages and press kits via snail mail.

For more information on AirPlay Direct please visit

A little about HMP:

Holland Media Promotion was founded in early 2005 as a service organization for small to mid-size record companies and independent artists who want to promote their music on radio, TV and in entertainment publications in the Netherlands. Despite the short company history, our team consists of experienced people with over 30 years of experience in personal media promotion. Internationally we aim for successful Indies and artists that want to explore their music in the Netherlands while remaining independent. For this we handle promotion and resulting sales through distribution from A-Z. Depending on budget / split we are open to discussing flexible deals. HMP has a good track record and has developed a strong professional media network.

For more information on Holland Media Promotions please visit

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