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Stephanie Ryann Releases Her Official Music Video for "Whiskey Regret"

10-09-2019 | Music Releases

Rising Country artist, Stephanie Ryann, has released her first music video for the song "Whiskey Regret" off of her debut, self-titled EP to commemorate the anniversary of its release last October. Directed and produced by The Noble Kitsunés at The Shanty in Brooklyn, NY, the video for "Whiskey Regret" is now available on YouTube.

Written by Stephanie Ryann and Kevin Totoian, recorded and produced by Randy Funke, and mastered by Amy Marie from Yes Master Studios in Nashville, TN., "Whiskey Regret" takes listeners on a journey of trying to put the pieces back together from a "night out with the girls" turned all-nighter. "I wrote this song years ago, hoping to one day get the opportunity to give it life, and thanks to my co-writer, Kevin Totoian, we were able to create a fun, flirty song that many women can relate to," explains Ryann. Patrick from the online music blog, Southern Fellow, stated, "Stephanie Ryann doesn't just flirt with country music like many these days. She goes straight for the soul of it. This big city songstress captures the essence of country music better than many new artists today. All you have to do is listen to songs like "Whiskey Regret" to find this statement true."

Before Stephanie Ryann found her way in country music, she has taken on roles as a volunteer firefighter, fashion model, back up vocalist, and makeup artist. Most recently, she has performed as a back up singer for solo artist, Eliot Lewis, of the legendary pop duo Hall & Oates while also performing on her own in New York City and Connecticut. Ryann recently released a "summer series" of songs including "Home" and "Travelers", available for streaming and download on digital platforms worldwide, and will be releasing her next single, "Summer Fling" in the next few weeks. In the words of Scott Lehr from BChord Cast, "Stephanie Ryann maybe new to the country music stage, but she will be around for a long time!"

To keep up with Stephanie Ryann and all of her upcoming projects, visit and Instagram @stephanieryannmusic.

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