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MarilynMusic Places Five New Songs With Altino Music

01-07-2018 | Label News

Casey Conrad and Michael Gaines of MarilynMusic are happy to announce the placement of five new songs from their catalogue with new Scottish artists "Chayniq," produced by Altino Music.

Papa Jube aka John Altino has managed Wycleff Jean for many years, as well as producing numerous successful records internationally. Papa Jube and Conrad have been friends and collaborators for years.

Altino Music has produced hits for platinum artists such as Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Neo, and Mary J. Blige.

"It was interesting that Altino Music chose such an eclectic variety of MarilynMusic's songs," Conrad mused adding, "it reflects the versatility of the artists."

The songs selected are "If I Were You," "Come Into My Life," "No Reason No Rhyme," "Press Play" and "Your My Miracle." They can all be heard on

Gaines and Conrad have also continued their creative relationship with academy award winning producer Gene Kirkwood, who just produced the award winning documentary "The Defiant Ones," about the historic successful relationship between iconic record producer, music mogul Jimmy Iovine, and hip hop legend Dr. Dre.

Among several projects being developed with Kirkwood is a narrative t.v. series about the birth of the great American songbook.

"It's titled 'American Rhapsody,' and it chronicles the colorful story of how our immigrants helped create popular American culture," Gaines said. "We are proud and excited to be working on important music driven stories," he concluded.

MarilynMusic continues to maintain the highest standard of musical taste. So keep listening.

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