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The Ed Sheeran of the Hare Krishna World: Meet Cyril Wohrer

12-12-2017 | Band News

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017 -- Hollywood sound machine meets Eastern theology in Cyril Wohrer's new album, "Summer Krishna" dubbing him the 'Ed Sheeran' of the Hare Krishna mantra.

An L.A. native, Wohrer's musical influences include Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and the Eurythmics. Joining forces with Al Walser, producer of 2017 GRAMMY® Award Winning album, for his debut album, Wohrer will release a unique sound many audiences will find uplifting and memorable.

Amidst the evolving sounds and artists of today's popular music, Wohrer finds his voice in the electric pop beats and rhythms that are surely to unite strangers and neighbors, and draw long-time Bhakti enthusiasts.

It is the melody heard on the radio and in trendy clubs through which Wohrer is able to captivate traditional mantra lovers and first-time listeners with modern Hare Krishna pop sounds in both French and English lyrics.

With more Kirtan artists redefining the traditional Indian orchestration of Sanskrit mantras, Wohrer is setting the trend of how popular music will merge with ancient hymns.

'Summer Krishna' is an homage to both the Hare Krishna mantra and to George Harrison, who during his career as a Beatle and a solo artist, expanded the American palette to include Indian classical music and Hindu practices, establishing both elements as a constant in his music. Harrison gets the credit for being the first Western person to have massively popularized the Hare Krishna mantra on the radio with songs such as "My Sweet Lord."

Taking a cue from Harrison, Wohrer has diversified his musical range and versatility, offering a sound for all Bhakti listeners.

"Since the 1960s, most people have associated the Bhakti tradition with the hippie counter-culture. I wanted to change this trend. I want to show, through my music, that anyone can be devotional and chant Hare Krishna in a contemporary style. Krishna and Bhakti are universal."- Wohrer.

Currently touring, Wohrer is delivering a message many of his fans and Bhakti adepts are calling "a pure joy!" It is through his influence, artistry, and his shared connection with other Kirtan artists, that Wohrer will not only open doors for those seeking mindfulness, but also awaken a higher level of consciousness in many others.

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