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"Mountain Songs" Music From The Heart Of The Mountains

12-09-2017 | Music Releases

Andorran bass player Landry Riba (Principality of Andorra, 1975) releases is third album under the title "Mountain Songs"! This 5 tracks album was recorded live in 5 different locations in the Principality of Andorra, one piece each 2 days, by Pere Revert (, and mixed and mastered at Störung Studio ( in Badalona (Spain) by Alex Gámez.

The recipe stills being nearly the same as for Landry's previous albums: They were trapped in the dream of a dog (2014) and Tales from behind the mirror (2015) and is clearly in a modern classical style. Listeners will find:
- Some field recordings performed in the woods, near a river or during a snowy day in the Pyrenean Mountains...
- A bass base, giving the harmonic line of the pieces, playing chords or arpeggios
- Classical strings (violin, viola and violoncello), going on with the melodies
- Piano, guitars or synths, played by special local guests, providing some extra sounds in some tracks
- Some electronic samplers, providing a particular background and blending all the other ingredients together...

This album is a very special journey in the Andorran mountains! Each piece was recorded in historical locations, using one day to install the studio and set all the gear and one day to record the song and the video. Ten days were needed to complete the entire journey! All the videos were directed by Andorran filmmaker Eric Rossell ( and will be a fantastic opportunity for viewers to enter some awesome places usually closed to visitors. All the mixing and mastering process of the album was ran using analog gear to keep on with the warm and organic atmosphere reached during the recordings!

The album will be distributed via TuneCore and Bandcamp on its digital and CD + DVD versions. Official release is scheduled on December 29th 2017. All videos will be released on Landry's YouTube channel. The video from the track "Oblits" is yet available.

The whole album will be available for streaming listening at Pre-order of the album is yet possible at
Contact: Landry Riba / / phone: (00 376) 342026

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