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Music Videos The Band, Break It Down, Backwards and Grind Mode by The Hip Hop Duo Conceptz Are Seen on National Television Via Bongo Boy TV

12-09-2017 | Video News

Music Video Reviews - The Grouch
Music Video Distribution - Bongo Boy Records & Television

Hej America!
A couple of days ago my friends at Bongo Boy asked me to take a look at some new music videos by a group called Conceptz. I love music videos and I thought to myself this should be cool. You see kids, I remember before Rock and Roll had pictures, then when I was 16 MTV changed the world. So with visions of MTV, back when they actually played music, in my head I turn my attention Conceptz:

Video one: The Band by CONCEPTZ
Firstly, I must say these guys crack me up. I really dig their sense of humor especially at then when they all take off their wigs that are meant to make them look like the member dubbed 'the Star'. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, this is a GOOD band. I dig their rapping ability, but what really blew me away was the vocal harmonies. This takes me back to my youth listening to old Motown. The fact that they are a live band and use actual instruments and groove like the old Temptations.

Man, I really like these guys. This video is all about the dreaded Day Job that all musicians have to do until they are fortunate enough to make enough doing what they love. I really got a kick out of they lyrics that mock Gordon Ramsay. The video made me laugh, but also made me smile and think "Hang in there guys!" As my 94 year old Dad would say "You've got moxie."

I like this video. These guys can really sing, I mean really sing well. The entire video is the same story told by a million bands. Making money playing music is very difficult. All I can say is I know how you feel guys. I once went to get paid after a show and the promoter said he had spent all the money buying food to sell during the show. Yeah, like Punks ever thought "You know this band is tearing it up, but right now I want a hot dog." The bottom line is we were 'paid' with, literally, cases and cases of hot dogs. All I can say guys is that you have fantastic voices and hang in there, I would buy a ticket to your show.

Video four: GRIND MODE by CONCEPTZ ft. Styles P
I must applaud this group! The absolutely have a very strong work ethic. They call it Grind Time, I always thought of it as 'Going to work', but it is the same thing. Practicing, promoting, trying to get people to come to your shows, putting up with the BS from people who see you as a way to make money. It can, and does, wear down many talented people. There are two parts of this song that I really like: The man mentions putting himself second and the music first. Bingo! It has to be about the music or the rest will simply suck. It doesn't even matter what kind of music it is. From YoY o Ma who blew away the world of classical to Metallica who is one of the most amazing metal bands ever, the principle is the same: It is about the music! Secondly, I like the line when he talks about people who think carrying a gun is dangerous when making a rhyme is like having a bomb. The pen is mightier than the sword. Anyone can point and pull a trigger, but it takes intelligence to communicate effectively. CONCEPTZ are some very effective communicators who now have a fan living in the Rocky Mountains.

Don't take my word for it. Check out their videos for yourself. I am sure you will be impressed. I was.

The Grouch
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National Television Broadcast and Distribution In Asia

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