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Michael Walker The Original 'Californeck'

11-19-2017 | Music Releases

On the heels of his rocking single 'Ain't These Guns' California country artist and singer songwriter Michael Walker has finished production on his new album 'Californeck' with a planned early 2018 release date.

Although recorded in Nashville with some of the best musicians available, Walker describes the album as 'Anti-Nashville' A blend of Southern rock, blues and traditional country with which he penned all the songs.

The production of the album was headed up by Australian producer Ben Watts who has production credits with other Nashville artists such as Kelby Costner, Terra Bella, Morgan Lynsey and Dustin Huff.

Watts and Rudy Parris star of season 3, leant their thundering guitars to the single 'Ain't Takin' These Guns' which is available for purchase at all good music stores.

Walker is gearing up for the album release and plans to hit the road in 2018.

Here is the track list for 'Californeck'

1. California
2. All For You
3. One More For The Road
4. Tell Me
5. Memories
6. Sweet Thang
7. What Love Is
8. Long Way Home

All songs written by Michael Walker.
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Ben Watts.

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