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New Zealand Rock Band SALT To Release New Album

08-19-2014 | Music Releases

CHRISTCHURCH, NZ: Following up on their debut album titled "Radio Station," the band from Christchurch New Zealand known as SALT will be releasing their next album containing the popular internet radio song titled "Going to the Moon" which to date has received international attention already with over 3000 plays in Europe and the UK.

"It's great to be working with a band who really know what they want. says Quicksands Studios Producer/ Engineer Thom O'Connor. "They've worked hard in preparation and they're hard workers in the studio too. And while their songs and individual parts are well sorted before they reach the studio, they're also not afraid to experiment a little - the best of both!"

"There is something truly fantastic about being in an environment such as the studio that is totally uplifting" states songwriter, vocalist and bassist Brett McGuigan. "Somehow we revert to studio time where the usual hours don't mean anything and all of a sudden you are having lunch at 3pm and working until midnight without any issues at all. We love it...and Quicksands Studios is an awesome place to hang out and just be creative."

"The band comes well prepared with parts written and sounds well thought out. It's largely my job not to get in the way of that" states O'Connor. "Mostly it's about keeping an honest representation of four people rocking out! As songwriter, Brett has a good idea about how he wants each song to sound. Salt have a unique sound which stems from their varied musical influences and experiences. Certain consistencies tie the songs together, but each one seems to come from a different 'place', which will surely make for an EP that holds your attention."

The album comes on the heels of successful worldwide airplay for their first single "Going to the Moon" where the music garnered the attention of some reputable and influential internet radio dj's who decided to add it to their rotations. With that the band went back into the studio to create and record more material to make an EP for their fanbase.

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