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Big Fuss Records to Continue Helpful Music Artist Program in 2015

07-14-2014 | Label News

Big Fuss Records Inc. announces it will continue releasing the successful "Artists To Watch" Compilation series in 2015. The program is basically free to participate, and even pays royalties when opportunities are matched, along with when songs are sold and streamed. There is a small submission fee of $10.00 for artists to submit a track.

Kristin Pedderson, is the owner of Big Fuss Records and at the helm of the program that helps indie music artists with added exposure. Kristin states; "The changing landscape of the music industry, now calls for new ways of navigating and exposing great music. I love helping people and anything I can do to give another a leg up or a helping hand, well, I give my all." Kristin goes on to say; "I felt the program was a win/win and good idea and way to spotlight artists while watching them develop further, to distinguish ways to lift and share the journey of great music with the public in a digital age."

The Company is seeking exceptional artists to feature one song. Up to ten artists will be selected for 2015 and Big Fuss Records Inc. will be distributing the collection to radio and retail digital partners, as well as online and print magazines, blogs and music supervisors. Pertinent press releases are created and distributed with each music artist spotlight, and each music artist selected receives ongoing promotion for the entire year. Artists are also included in the new and well-liked "Hot-Trax.Com Radio Show" hosted by Scott Ebright being distributed world-wide.

"Artists To Watch" 2015, will be a digital only release where selected artists will also be presented for consideration toward signing and future label promotion. Artists retain all rights to their song. Music artists may submit their best track via MusicXray here.

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