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Chaz DePaolo Live: One Night In IONA

07-14-2014 | Music Releases

(Florissant, CO) Fans of authentic American rockin' blues artist Chaz DePaolo can finally purchase the much-anticipated DVD/CD of his performance, One Night Live in Iona, which has been more than a year in the making.

Reviewers and fans alike have been abuzz about DePaolo's spellbinding performance, recorded live before an overflow crowd in Lebanon, Pennsylvania in March 2013.

DePaolo's appeal stems from his guitar mastery and his "pull no punches" songwriting - gristly, edgy, energetic American anthems infused with hardship, loss, love, hope and determination.

Those lucky enough to be on hand for DePaolo's dazzling concert knew from the start they were witnessing a performance destined to become the stuff of legend. As word spread of the passion and technical feats on display that night at the Zion of Iona Methodist Church, the concert's intimate venue, so, too, did demand for the DVD/CD that was recorded that evening.

"Our goal was to make this DVD/CD as perfect as Chaz's performance itself," explains David J. Biondo, president of Smoke Tone Records, which painstakingly produced One Night Live in Iona to provide viewers and listeners an experience as close as possible to the one enjoyed by the audience in Lebanon.

"We are confident that those who appreciate genuine rock and blues artistry will feel this was well worth the wait," Biondo says.

One Night Live in Iona, now available from for only $15 plus shipping, features the unique stylings of DePaolo on 11 songs, including the new release, Slo Bite, a paean to blues guitarist Roy Buchanan (1939-1988). The DVD also offers behind-the-scenes concert footage as well as a candid Q&A with DePaolo.

Los Angeles-based reviewer Rex Bartholomew, a musician and lifelong blues fan, describes Chaz DePaolo as "a bluesman of the highest order." Writes Bartholomew of One Night Live in Iona: "Chaz has a hearty voice with obvious emotion and his guitar work is complex. His command of electric blues is undeniable, and his playing is flavored with hints of jazz and funk."

Joining DePaolo on One Night Live in Iona are the talented Rob Chaseman on saxophone, Hank Kaneshige on bass, and Cliff McComas on drums.
One Night Live in Iona is DePaolo's first DVD, building on the global fan base generated by his tours and his four previous albums, including his most recent CD, Bluestopia, released in 2009. (All five of his recordings are available from

DePaolo, a native of New Jersey, has been described as one of the hardest working musicians in show business. A consummate performer on the road as often as he is at home DePaolo's skills have been forged by life's many hardships, including the deaths of two teenage siblings when he was still a child. Yet he remains unbowed in his dedication to his superlative craft.

DePaolo has delighted audiences throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He has performed on stage with Leon Hendrix, Commander Cody, Jose Feliciano, and David Maxwell, among numerous other musical legends.

Earlier in his career, DePaolo fronted the original Groundhogs Rhythm Section, consisting of Ken Pustelnik and Pete Cruickshank. The Hogs have recorded with John Lee Hooker and have backed Little Walter and Jimmy Reed.

In recognition of his career and hardcore fan base, DePaolo was inducted into the New York State Blues Hall of Fame in 2012.

Smoke Tone Records was created to serve artists, such as DePaolo, who break the mold of the homogenized, glamorized, corporatized musicians who dominate the commercial recording world these days.

Biondo, who founded Smoke Tone Records, is himself a noted solo performer who has sung and played harmonica and guitar with DePaolo and other noted independent blues and jazz entertainers.

Smoke Tone Records provides production, promotion, marketing and distribution assistance to select performers and songwriters who demonstrate a love and dedication to their craft and unwillingness to compromise.

"We are where listening, viewing and enjoyment are just the beginning of the adventure," says Biondo.

Smoke Tone Records, based in Florissant, Colorado, can be reached at 719-687-5947.

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