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Country Music is Turning Up the Heat!

07-14-2014 | Music Releases

What's a good way to say you're excited? Pumped? Ready for action? If you ask Grayson Rogers, the answer is "All Fired Up". And that's exactly what their debut album is called. All Fired Up hits the world on September 16, 2014 with no shortage of energetic, fun, and refreshing songs. Ten tracks have been meticulously crafted to show listeners how they should be "All Fired Up" about this album too!

"We have a blast at every show we play," says Grayson Rogers, "from a little bar to a big stage, we bring a party each and every time. I get such a rush every time we play, and I do my best to make sure the crowd experiences the same rush I do. I believe this album will provide that rush every time you hit play."

Guitarist C.J. Sutton adds, "I live and breathe music, and I know it's the same for a lot of people out there. We just want to connect with people on that basic level of loving music for what it is."

Their first album debuts a variety of country music styles, including some heavy hard-hitters like Too Loud, Outlaw, and Stomp On, some up-tempo pop tunes like Party Rocker and Blue Jean Baby, the must-have redneck rockers All Fired Up and Hillbilly Level, as well as the capable ballads Angel Girl and My Life Without You. "There's a little something on the album for everyone," says Rogers.

The title track, All Fired Up, opens the record and wastes no time getting down to business. Short and sweet, this song encapsulates what Grayson Rogers is all about. "At our shows, we crank it up loud, and we crank it up early," says Rogers. "It's a party from the ring of the first chord. We wanted that same appeal on the album right from the get-go with All Fired Up."

Early fans of the band will recognize Too Loud, an anthem about living life with attitude, partying, and playing country music ‘a little too loud' – the way it's meant to be played, according to Grayson Rogers. Outlaw is the story of a man on the run, who has been able to keep those pesky lawmen off his tail for twenty years – though his life on the lam is destined for a grisly end. Stomp On is sure to make listeners stomp along as Rogers sings about rocking at a favorite bar to the thumping beat of the music.
Party Rocker, a favorite among the band's female audience, is a dance song written about a girl who is the life of every party.

Also included in the collection is the anthemic Go Big or Go Home, which tells the listeners plainly to do everything "like you came to win." "This song hits home for me. That was my motto during my football days – that all-or-nothing attitude. I take that mindset everywhere I go and with everything I do. In my mind, it's the only way to do things."

Like most modern country, All Fired Up blends many musical styles to achieve the Grayson Rogers sound. At times, the guitars can be as heavy as any rock band, but the band is not afraid to pull back and show a softer side and it is unquestionably country, through and through. Says Rogers, "I definitely grew up on country music, like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, etc., but also on Christian rock and alternative rock. I would say Chris Daughtry is my favorite rocker out there right now. That dude's voice is insane."

"I grew up with classic and progressive rock that my dad showed me," says Sutton. "When I became a teenager, I got into hardcore and punk, and found there is a do-it-yourself mentality in that kind of music that really appealed to me. It made me realize I could make music my life, just like the bands I was listening to."

"It's been a cool ride so far," says Rogers, "blending our different influences into something new and exciting. I'm just pumped to see where it goes from here!"

It's safe to say that Grayson Rogers is ‘all fired up' about the debut album! You can preorder it at (along with plenty of other surprises), and you can get your copy September 16th when it is released to the public.

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