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Kate Loves Bryan: A Night of Kate Bush and Roxy Music

07-11-2014 | Music Events

Kate Loves Bryan: A Night of Kate Bush and Roxy Music
July 26, 8pm
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery at 2nd Ave, NY NY 10003

Members of the venerable downtown NYC tribute series the Losers Lounge, Shudder to Think, Michael T and the Vanities, the We Ours, Hey! Hello! and more have banded together to present singular night that will chart the catalogue of two highly-influential musical pioneers, Kate Bush and Roxy Music. A love letter of sorts from one artist to another and back again. Boy meets girl in our rock and pop world. Date night for two giants.

Why these two?

Both draw from the same English tradition—one steeped in gothic romance, sonic experimentation, wit, and whimsy.

Both revel in the creation of worlds, tapping into subconscious (sometimes taboo) desires.

Both worship at the altar of sensuality, and have an absolute dedication to the art of presentation.

And of course, both do not shy away from off-the-charts camera mugging.

Two sets, 23 songs.

Your band for the evening:
Jesse Krakow
Julian Maile
Anton Sword
Jesse Kranzler
Clement J. Waldmann III
Steve Honoshowsky
Maria Christina Eisen
Blythe Gruda
Victoria Expensive Crystals Liedtke
Seth Berkowitz
Michael T
Joanna Choy

Your dancers:
Oscar Trujillo
Paige Martin

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