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Corey Andrew's "Pride 2014" Mix Will Make You Move No Matter Who You Are

07-06-2014 | Music Releases

Music has proven to unify and gather all types of people; and this time won't be the exception. During the summer, there are celebrations for "Pride", showing support for the LGBT community that has shown resilience over the years, overcoming social adversity and social rights. To commemorate "Pride", EDM DJ and recording artist Corey Andrew has released his latest effort entitled "Pride 2014", a vibrant and energetic DJ mix of dance, house, and other EDM genres to celebrate unification.

"Pride 2014" has a slew of tracks that Andrew has meticulously picked out to keep the partying jumping. Aside from his efforts in the mix, he has employed the production of other notable producers and DJs including Moussa Clark and DJ TYNY. However, what makes his mix so unique is the diversity it brings to the ears of the listeners. The common thread isn't only about being "proud", but to unify everybody, regardless of who they are, under the power of music.

Corey Andrew's "Pride 2014" mix has a resounding stamp in his music: big, thumping beats. Every track from start to finish has the same tempo to add continuity and maintain the same level of energy throughout the entire party. Corey Andrew lends his vocals on most of the tracks, as he vocalizes his plea to have fun and always keep the festivities going. His sound is reminiscent of 80's synth pop, which blends perfectly into the sonic realm he's trying to bring froth. Through eclectic synthesizers and up-beat rhythms, there's no denying that "Pride 2014" is a surefire club banger.

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