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Da Phatfunk Clique releases more funk jazz on the violin!

07-06-2014 | Music Releases

New album by Da Phatfunk Clique entitled "Phat Jazz" uses funky jazzy vibes with a violin lead to elevate the mood of listeners world wide.

Available on CD and Download, the new album by Da Phatfunk Clique is currently receiving airplay on 50 terrestrial radio stations around the US, Canada, Italy and Japan. In addition, 20 or so on-line stations have added their funky jazziness to their rotations. The current single "For Sake of the Art" was penned by jazz violinist Darrell "D-Funk" Looney and produced/orchestrated by jazz luminary Bob Baldwin. "I am on a constant quest to mature the sound and vibe of my funky jazz on the violin and working with such high level professionals as Bob Baldwin provide the motivation to get there!" says Looney.

This is the fourth CD release by Da Phatfunk Clique which is a band "concept" utilizing talent and creative input from various members around the country, collaborating over the internet. The projects all remain under the musical direction of Darrell "D-Funk" Looney.

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