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Father Of Concert Pianist Johnoscar Has Passed Away

06-30-2014 | Band News

In a big, brightly lit room, the stage belongs to you. As the world watches in anticipation and amazement, you are in total control of your skills and talents as you put them on display. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes awry, but one thing is for certain, if it has been started, it will definitely have an end.

So has been the recent story of concert Pianist Johnoscar, who is slated to release his 5th studio album entitled "A Night On A Movie with Johnoscar" at the end of August. In addition to his album release, he has already amassed several concerts in prestigious locales to showcase his piano techniques.

Unfortunately for piano virtuoso Johnoscar, while his stage has been shining bright, another stage has fallen dim. Johnoscar's father, who he hadn't seen for over 20 years being that he lives in the Philippines, passed away on June 25th leaving a rather dissonant chord in the heart of the young pianist.

In a time of celebration, Johnoscar faces sorrow. In lieu of his father's passing, the pianist will not be able to attend his funeral because of the accolades he's gained in acquiring several concerts that happen to fall around the same time the funeral would take place. Such is the bittersweet taste of the life of a musician; doing what you are passionate about, but missing out life's moments.

But if his skill is any indication of his passion and determination for music, Johnoscar's father would be proud of what his son has accomplished. Though he might not physically be attending, Johnoscar's concerts, soon-to-be album release, and passion for music is his mourning to his father; a dedication to him. He will forever hold a special place in his heart and a special seat just for him in his piano concerts.

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