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Xcalibur Records Presents: Corey Andrew Pride 2014!

06-27-2014 | Music Releases

Out Music Artist and songwriter Corey Andrew has delivered massive club bangers in recent years as one of the most sought after vocalists and songwriters on the EDM scene.

The Grammy voting member and #1 Beatport chart topper, kicks off summer 2014 with an unrelenting dance music compilation, "Corey Andrew - Pride 2014," featuring some of his biggest club hits. In addition to showcasing his most massive, fist-pumping dance floor fillers, "Corey Andrew - Pride 2014" also features new collaborations with top circuit DJ/Producers such as "Leaving" with Eddie Martinez (New York City), "Don't you want my love" with Cesar Murillo (Toronto), and the power house duet, "WERK" with vocal Diva, Michele McCain (Majorca, Spain).

Also amongst the A List producers backing Corey Andrew on this anticipated project are Moussa Clark, DJ TYNY, Agent Greg, Rio Dela Duna, Keni L, K.C. Taylor, David Hopperman, Dumb Dan & Orue Funk.

Though it may be a release that coincides with LGBT Pride 2014 celebrations all around the world, one thing is for sure - Corey Andrew is here and he's ready to provide the soundtrack to "Pride" for ALL people - regardless of their skin color, sexuality, religion, race or creed.

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