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Melissa B. Exudes Sensuality In Her Acclaimed Music Video For "What You Started"

06-26-2014 | Video News

Up-and-coming Pop diva Melissa B. delivers a dark, electronic, dance tune that makes you think twice of playing with her emotions. A song that is irresistible to dance to, "What You Started" has an accompanying video that is sure to stimulate all of your senses.

Melissa B. exudes her sensuality in this shadowy, grungy film that is raw energy encapsulated in a club friendly song. The story follows a smitten yet provocative Melissa, seamlessly toying with the camera and showing off her dangerous curves, as to serenade you like a siren to a ship. She then blasts her vocals chords onto the pulsating beat chanting, "You’re going to remember" as the video progresses to reveal more of her allure. At times, the video shows the enchanting Melissa B. seated on a white throne in a room full of changing lights, a definite metaphor that she is in charge of her destiny and quite possibly, the outcome of love affairs. 

Through secret rooms and dark alleys, Melissa B. is adamant in showing she’s not afraid to cross the line and live on the edge. During the music video, a cameo appearance of B.Howard is present, creating a lingering manifestation of powerful energy, but an impactful force to Melissa B.

What makes the video visually appealing is the apparent "minimalism" which allows for more camera and lighting play. Every scene offers an intriguing use of lights that add to the mystique of "What You Started", notably a warm shift of lights that creates a twilight effect. Another interesting aspect of the video is the use of negative space, using the dark angles of lighting to create a sense of mystery around Melissa B. Her music video is trying to capture the essence of a club, with its dark rooms and fast paced environment.

Melissa B. video’s "What You Started" is a great testament to what club life is, and her fierce approach to music is put on full display. Expect more great music videos from her in the near future with the right amount of compelling energy, with tempting sexuality that Melissa B. brings to her music.

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