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Ogre Guitar Kronomaster delay pedal now available in the U.S.A

06-26-2014 | Tech News

After much fanfare at the 2014 NAMM and Musikmesse trade shows, MMG Distribution is now shipping the Ogre Kronomaster Delay Pedal

The Kronomaster is the first of 3 in a series that has been designed to raise the bar of what musicians can expect from their effects pedals. Not just a pretty face, the Ogre pedals have been painstakingly engineered to deliver ultimate tones, function and performance. The Ogre Kronomaster utilizes a ultra-heavy duty aluminum die cast casing which features a functional sliding cockpit head cover to help protect the settings both live and in the studio.

The Kronomaster provides a warm, liquidity and a musical tone with a wide variety of sounds based upon the PT2339 analog chip. Inside the cockpit are the Time/Repeat/Mix control knobs that provide guitarists 40ms to over 550ms delay time offering everything from a tight slap back, subtle textures to the ultimate arena rock solo's.

The units' glowing blue eyes house LEDís to indicate on/off functions, especially great for live gigs. All Ogre pedal are true bypass designed to eliminate any loss of tone. All Ogre pedals come in a variety of grey, vintage gold, red and green colors
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