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Zebra Music Festival (Shanghai) 2014 Is Coming In July

06-18-2014 | Music Events

Zebra Music Festival (Shanghai) will kick off from July 25th through July 27th at Jinshan Beach in Shanghai. This year, the lineup for ZMF Shanghai includes Chang Shilei, Li Ronghao and Chinese indie bands.

As a talented musician, Chang Shilei will have his music festival debut at ZMF in this summer which is going to be a very exciting and intoxicating show for his fans. You may not know who Chang Shailei is, but I believe you must have heard the song called ‘You and Me’ which was sang at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Game in 2008 by Sarah Brightman and famous Chinese singer Liu Huan. Chang Shilei is just the songwriter of this song. Last year, he also won the best producer at Golden Melody Awards.

Another Chinese emerging artist Li Ronghao who is a singer and songwriter has really surprised China’s music scene, either to professional or to public. His music is acknowledged by Faye Wong and Eason Chan, also he was nominated for 5 awards at Golden Melody Award in Taiwan this year.

Future more, Korean bands will also headline ZMF Shanghai this year and Ocean stage for electron music will be presented on site as well. For more details will be released soon and there will be so much to be worthy to look forward!

Date: July 25-July 27
Place: Shanghai Jianshan Beach
Tickets: 4000-406-506

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