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Autism's Newest Anthem "Not So Different" Written And Performed By Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Cassandra Kubinski

06-17-2014 | Music Releases

New York: The song "Not So Different" was created out of a need for a rally cry for autism. Vanessa Ticona, a mother of two young boys on the autism spectrum, approached friend, singer /songwriter Cassandra Kubinski to add her voice to the movement by creating a song for her upcoming charity walk. The result was "Not So Different". Since its creation, "Not So Different" has been downloaded, shared, and used as music background to personal videos to help raise money for autism programs, services and research. Additionally, singer/songwriter Cassandra Kubinski has performed the song in person at the Autism Speaks Westchester/Fairfield Walk, at Music for Autism and The Help Group events, and in concerts designed to raise funds for the above organizations.

Kubinski's "Not So Different" is meant to foster acceptance and understanding. As the song says, "It takes every color on the spectrum to make the world so speaks in a million ways." Ultimately, it's about understanding that everyone wants the same things: to love and be loved without being judged or changed.

This past January, the "Not So Different" video, produced by Daniel Neiden, was shot entirely in NYC by filmmaker Nick Lopez. Featuring children on and off the spectrum, the video brings a diverse community together, celebrating each individual within it. The goal of the Not So Different Project is to raise one dollar per child diagnosed with autism, which is $2 million dollars in one year. The song is available for download and sharing and local organizations are encouraged to use this song to showcase their cause via crowd funding sites or live events (walks, chorales, concerts, etc.)

"When Vanessa asked me to write a song for her walk, I knew this was a way to use the healing power of music to contribute to the cause. I wrote "Not So Different" to inspire acceptance, love, and perseverance, and to give people dealing with autism an anthem that lets them know they are not alone. When you think that one in every 88 children is diagnosed as being on the spectrum, there is a real opportunity for "Not So Different" to make a concrete contribution to autism programs, services, and research, and many people to spread the good word."
"Not So Different" singer/songwriter Cassandra Kubinski

As a performer, Kubinski has been seen in the title role in Goodspeed Musicals' 20th anniversary of Annie; and Tom Jones / Harvey Schmidt's Mirette. She has become a regular guest singer at venues including Metropolitan Room; Bitter End; 54 Below/Backstage; and her music has been heard on Lifetime's "Dance Moms", NBC, Bravo, Food Network, MTV, and more. She has collaborated with Chris Botti, and Billy Joel who said of her, "Cassandra Kubinski is a rarity...very similar to the legendary solo artists of the early to mid 1970's...she proves that the genre [singer/songwriter] is not only alive and well, but that it is still capable of being transcendent."

The video for "Not So Different" was produced by Daniel Neiden and Living Lotus Project (; co-produced, directed and edited by Nick Lopez and Paula Gil of 27 Jesters Productions; associate produced by June Rachelson-Ospa; and was shot in NYC's Leman Manhattan Preparatory School.

The music video can be seen here:

You can purchase the song (all proceeds go towards autism programs) here:

Also view her interview segment with Ann Nyberg from WTNH Channel 8 in Connecticut:

For more information about Cassandra Kubinski please visit

Follow Cassandra Kubinski on Twitter at @CassandraJBM
Or @NotSo_Different

To arrange interviews or appearances with Ms. Kubinski,
Please contact Joe Trentacosta/JT PR/ 973 568 8236 or Lori Martini/Martini Rocks Entertainment/

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