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Damien Mcfly, Italian Folk Pop Artist Geared Up For His Tours In The US

06-13-2014 | Music Events


Summary: Damien McFly, an Italian folk pop artist is all set to rock the shows on his tour to different locations in the US. Damien started his solo career in the year 2013 and has become a recognized name in music world.

June 12, 2014: Damien McFly is going to entertain his fans and audiences during his tour to different cities in the US. He has become a renowned name in the world of music and songs. According to the sources, Damien McFly will be playing in a total of five shows that include two shows in Chicago, two in Nashville and one private concert in Paoli (IN). He will be on the tour of Chicago on June 24 at the famous Reggies and on June 25 for a new opening bar. On June 29, Damien will travel to The Basement in Nashville and he will entertain at Copper Pony Grille on June 30.

When contacted, Damien said, "Yes, I am going to perform in several shows around the US including Chicago, Paoli and Nashville. I am going to give my best to entertain my fans and to please them with my songs and some covers of artists I love." He further added, "It has always been my dream to play in the US and I still can't believe it is becoming real. See you there very soon."

The music of Damien has folk harmonies with both pop and country influences. He has done over 50 concerts in the last six months in Italy. He is also a sound engineer and producer. Sources confirmed that Damien is going to record all the songs of his new EP at various locations such as restaurants, old Italian villas and recording studios to create a unique feeling where listeners feel like travelling with his songs.

The music journey of the artist started with videos of covers on YouTube where Hey Brother, Avicii Cover got 130000 views and 3200 subscribers. Two cover collections of the artist is available on the digital stores.

About Damien McFly
Damien McFly is a well known Italian singer and songwriter. He started his solo career in year 2013 after playing with a lot of well known bands.

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