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The FiiX Debut CD Release

06-11-2014 | Music Releases

The FiiX is a young Pop, Rock, EDM, Hip/Hop group from Orange County, CA. The FiiX will release their Debut LP, If The Walls Could Speak, on June 24 followed by a CD release party at The Vault in Orange (June 28). Doors open at 7pm and tickets are $7.00 (ticket only) or $12.00 for a CD/ticket bundle and can be purchased at the door.

The FiiX focuses their music on hard issues like abortion, suicide and children being used as rebel soldiers. Each of the songs on their debut LP is grounded by their generation's social conscious and has a definitive point of view. While their music and topics are aggressive, the vibe of the music is almost EDM club like with a Hip-Hop edge. The music is similar to Linkin Park and Eminem with hints of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The FiiX prides itself on writing songs containing messages of Positive Controversy. When you talk to 18-year-old, DJ De Neve (who is graduating High School this year), you quickly realize you are talking to someone way beyond his years. DJ has written both lyrics and music as the FiiX. Taylor Christian, the other half of this dynamic duo, has been able to channel some of his spotted past into the lyrics he has written for If The Walls Could Speak. Taylor focuses primarily on the rap elements and complements the EDM POP rock sound DJ creates. Together their energy is perfectly balanced and explosive. Both DJ and Taylor are unapologetic in their lyrics and unafraid to speak the truth they feel. Unique, Alive, Driven, and full of Positive Controversy is the best way to sum up If The Walls Could Speak and The FiiX.

Check out their first official Single Fool's Gold.

Both of the boys attend Saving Grace Community Church and have had great support from the members there.

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