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Salvatore Addeo - Mixing Engineer & Producer based In The Lake Como Area, Italy

06-09-2014 | Career Announcements

His has been doing this work for fifteen years now, during which he has mixed more than 700 songs. He collaborated with Italian and foreign Artists and Bands. During these years he has developed a sound that has an international flavor due to the great interest he nurtures for American and British productions.

All these efforts have been rewarded by encounters with top level Artists, Sound Engineers and Producers, both Italian and foreign. Specifically he has mixed the single "Praise The Lord" (international production), a duet of the renowned singer Giuseppe Davi (USA) alongside John Slitt, singer of the band Petra (USA). Salvatore Addeo has collaborated with names such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Landau, Marcello Surace, and in 2014 he had the pleasure to work with Scot Russo, the singer of Unwritten Law (the American band with multiple presence in the charts selling 15 million copies) for whom he produced and the mixed the project. For Salvatore Addeo the technical aspect always plays a primary role: the final product must have a high audio quality. In fact, for the realization of his productions he owns a recording studio with high-end gear, which is

For his mixes, which is his peculiarity, Salvatore Addeo prefers the use of analogue equipment. In fact, for mixing he uses an SSL 4000G+ console and high-end analogue compressors and equalizers. To view the entire studio equipment list, click My Toys.

He likes to have many contacts: with musicians, colleagues, and in general, people that are involved in music and that love music.

The reason for this is that he ascribes great importance to the human aspect in his work: For Salavatore Addeo it is very important to create an advantageous human relationship with his clients.

He likes to create an atmosphere of collaboration and togetherness, of exchange of ideas with musicians for whom he nurtures great respect (he is also a musician). This is an essential factor for the good outcome of a work project. Salvatore strongly believes that the best results donít depend solely on the skill and commitment of the band but also on the atmosphere that is being created in the studio, with the producer or engineer. All in all, he mostly believes in teamwork.

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