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Agency¡K #¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦ 28 July 2014

06-08-2014 | Music Releases


Introducing ¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦

On 28th July 2014, The Agency¡K will release their second album, ¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦, through Solarbear Records. The album¡¦s lead single, ¡¥She/The Temple¡¦, earned critical acclaim, and over the last two years, the band has built up a loyal local following in their native North-East, following a string of successful shows and radio airplay.

For full press EPK, streaming etc visit the secret page here

The Agency¡K are currently promoting ¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦ with a series of gigs, before the official album launch takes place at Cluny 2 in Newcastle in July:

„X 26 April Radio Hive (session guests)
„X 10 May Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast
„X 5 July HMV Newcastle in-store performance
„X 19 July Radio Hive (guest presenters - the Records Bureau)
„X 25 July Cluny 2, Newcastle (¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦ official album launch)
16 August Pop Rec Ltd, Sunderland
„X 23 August Sound It Out Records, Stockton
„X 29 August Washington Arts Centre
„X 05 October Newcastle Oxjam

More dates will be announced shortly.

About ¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦

¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦ is the second album from The Agency¡K, following their highly applauded 2012 debut, ¡¥For the Brave and Troubled¡¦. The opening track, ¡¥She¡¦, was single of the month in Crack Magazine and the recently released ¡¥Child So Careless¡¦ also helped win the band a wider audience. Tracks such as ¡¥For the Daughter¡¦ and ¡¥Border Song¡¦ show the gentler side of The Agency¡K, with heartfelt tales of political imprisonment and criminal fraternity; both great examples of how the collective have carved out their own unique way of marrying cinematic storytelling with striking musical soundscapes. There are some surprises too, most notably the stripped back ¡¥Jack and Spade¡¦. A hidden bonus track celebrates the gothic theme running throughout ¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦ in all its magical glory. A further track, ¡¥Fast¡¦, about the corruption of good politicians is now also available as a pre-release.

¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦ is due for release on 28 July 2014. It is currently available to pre-order through Bandcamp and all good online retailers.

The Agency¡K
Telephone 07867920496 (Andy)

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