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French Jazz Singer Clotilde Rullaud To Perform At Beijing Music Day 2014

06-06-2014 | Music Events

Parisian-based French jazz singer Clotilde Rullaud will be going halfway around the globe to join musicians worldwide in performing the June 21st Make Music Day 2014 (Fête de la Musique). Clotilde will perform two concerts as part of Beijing Music Day 2014, headlining the outdoor concert at Dos Kolegas in the afternoon for an estimated audience of 1,000, followed by an intimate concert at East Shore Live Jazz Cafe.

The tour was booked by MusicDish, which has been representing Clotilde in China since January. MusicDish has been developing her Chinese social media branding on popular sites such as weibo, douban and youku, which in combination with a media outreach campaign, will support her tour marketing. Clotilde's album "In Extremis" has also digitally distributed in Greater China by MusicDish, including through China's most active music site xiami - see the links below.

French Jazz singer/performer/song-writer, coming from the new generation of French jazz musicians, she went into music school at the age of 5 and studied the flute and singing. Clotilde Rullaud's artistic approach stands at the crossroad of various musical influences. She blends together Latin, African, pop and jazz sounds, attesting to the wonderful melting pot that is jazz. Poetry and the inner music of words also hold a key place in her artistic world. Clotilde aims above all to challenge what can be done with song and with the voice in order to reach her full expression, escaping from standard configurations to express her love for freedom.

MusicDish*China serves as a bridge between East & West, working on events featuring award-winning Taiwanese acts in Paris and NYC since 2011 as well as providing distribution/marketing and touring tours in China for Western acts. MusicDish*China has partnered with key events, from Midi and Zebra festivals to the Sound of the Xity conference that, in combination with its social media presence, has given it a unique brand positioning in the market. MusicDish*China has signed Taiwanese acts DJ Code, RED, Bearbabes and mainland rock band Second Hand Rose for international development and management. Founder Eric de Fontenay has been quoted in media as diverse as FT China and China Daily to Portugal's DIF magazine, and was featured in The Beijingers' 2012 Music Issue.

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