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Beatvoxx Records Signs DJ & Producer Twenty-Faux Carat

06-05-2014 | Label News

Beatvoxx Records signs DJ and Producer, Twenty-Faux Carat (TFC) announces Beatvoxx founder Rokelle. The signing of TFC marks the first artist signing for the Indie Dance Music imprint and expects the first single of this association to be released later this Summer.

TFC is a Chicago-based music producer and DJ who brings his genre-agnostic music influence into the Beatvoxx Records fold. He is a relative new-comer to the National dance music scene, but has built a credible following in the Mid-West, especially in Illinois and Indiana. "I'm an artist that isn't defined by a single genre of dance music," states TFC. "I'm excited to be joining Beatvoxx because they have an appreciation for artists that don't fit a specific mold".

TFC is signed to an initial three-song deal, with the first single, "We Live," slated for an anticipated mid-Summer release via all major digital music retailers including iTunes and Beatport. "As a brand new label, it's exhilarating to come across a young talent like Twenty-Faux Carat," says Rokelle. "We see a bright future in his talent as a producer and are thrilled Beatvoxx is going to be a part of sharing his music with the world".

About Beatvoxx Records
Founded in 2011 by singer/songwriter, Rokelle, Beatvoxx LLC is an independent entertainment and lifestyle brand that includes Beatvoxx Records, Beatvoxx publishing, and Beatvoxx Artist Management. The company's commitment to preserving a limitless, forward-thinking music community is at the heart of the brand and its goal is to champion truly inspired pieces of work.

Beatvoxx Records is distributed by The Orchard worldwide.

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