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Tirvarrus & God's Project Advances Career With New CD

06-03-2014 | Music Releases

TUPELO, MS New Vision Records introduces the Mississippi gospel touring group, Tirvarrus & God's Project with a new album titled "I'm Trying To Be".

Their June 2014 national distributed recording is receiving rave reviews... "We can't wait to meet them on the tour", says radio. Promoters and talent buyers are impressed to see young men showcasing artistry with a positive message.

A spiritual, gospel album capable of leaving fans applauding with their jaws on the floor; college students quivering and seniors feeling hip for a second or two, this album is as pure and heartfelt as it gets.

TGP, as their fans know them, is a group of young men on a mission to encourage someone not to give up because it's already done in their favor.

"I can't wait to get started on the tour" says Wayne Gray, manager of TGP. The tour will visit churches and concert halls across the country including indie events.

Tirvarrus & God's Project has already shared the stage with national artists such as Dottie Peoples and Crystal Aikin.

New Vision Records is promoting this album release to major retailers as well as independent music stores with appearances scheduled at some retailers.

More information is available at

For interviews contact: LaDoris Thomas, 919-747-8950
New Vision Records: P.O. Box 4738, Cary, NC 27519

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