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Hit Songs Deconstructed Launches a New Kind of Music Chart

06-02-2014 | Business News

New York, NY – Hit Songs Deconstructed ( today announced the launch of their new weekly music chart.

“We launched the Hit Songs Deconstructed Music Charts to provide songwriters, producers and music industry professionals with a unique and timely snapshot of today’s hit songwriting characteristics and trends,” explains David Penn, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hit Songs Deconstructed.

Rather than focusing on individual song rankings, the Hit Songs Deconstructed Music Charts track the characteristics of the songs that are currently topping the Billboard Hot 100. These include lyrical themes, instrumentation, first chorus occurrence, intro length, sub-genres, lead vocal gender, song titles and more.

The thirteen charts correspond to sections featured within the Hit Songs Deconstructed Trend Reports, which provide a detailed and in-depth quarterly analysis of the compositional characteristics shaping today's chart-topping hits.

The Hit Songs Deconstructed Music Charts are being published weekly and are available free of charge on the Hit Songs Deconstructed.

To view the charts please visit

About Hit Songs Deconstructed
Utilized by songwriters, producers, music industry professionals and universities throughout the world, Hit Songs Deconstructed is dedicated to providing its subscribers with an in-depth understanding of the craft and trends that shape TODAY'S chart-topping hits for success in TODAY'S music industry.

We break today's hit songs down to their core, extract the craft that made them a hit, and provide you with the knowledge and best practices to help prime you for success in a very competitive, fast-changing musical landscape.

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