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Artist Draws Inspiration From Fans

05-30-2014 | Music Releases

Artist Finds Inspiration in Her Friends, Family, and Fans.

Atlanta Teen singer/songwriter Katie Belle Akin is a featured artist on Teen Nation Anti-Bully Tour, currently touring Detroit as a Headliner, she toured for 6 weeks in 2013 performing in Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas and is slated for an additional 12 weeks in 2014. 2014 tour stops will include Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Katie is also featured on "MaddTalent Blitz Tour" and "Teens TurntUP" shows. Akin recently visited Evansville, IN in March 2014 to hold a free meet and greet for her local fans. She has just released her second EP titled "Next Thing in Tennessee". Katie co-wrote all 5 songs on the EP.

The following album notes give insight on how Katie develops her song concepts and more. Katie Belle Akin hails from the rich musical heritages of Georgia. Her music is known for being upbeat and energetic and this EP delivers solidly.
The title track, "Next Thing In Tennessee", is a lot of fun, lyrically built upon many pillars of Nashville music in an engaging melody with some great fiddle playing. This song is all about having role models and achieving goals.

Following the title track is , "Born For This,". The song has already proven itself on youtube with over 450k views. This track was written by Katie on a hotel notepad during the middle of the night, which you will find mention of in the opening lyrics. The song is all about the realization of our passions and pursuing ones aspirations.

"Falling For You", listed as the 3rd track has a great melody influenced by some of the big names in music from Atlanta, Katie's hometown. The lyrics are fresh take on the age old story of girl meets boy. Banjo sounds are highlighted through out the song and keep you tapping your feet to the end. Coming in as the 4th selection on this EP is, "Whatever". The listener is hooked from the beginning with contemporary lyrics and some catchy whistling! The lyrics pack a bunch with the strong message to "be yourself" backed up by some of Katie's favorite instruments the fiddle, banjo and acoustic guitar. Finishing up Katie's sophomore EP is "Invincible". The listener will hear infused country tones with the use of mandolin, fiddle and banjo moving the melody along. This Anti-Bully song features powerful lyrics ".... I'm like a rock now, keep standing my ground..." aimed at encouragement and perseverance.

Katie will tell you that being in entertainment is a multi-tasking journey and she feels that modeling, acting, live performances and songwriting work hand in hand together to both challenge and mature her talents. Recently Katie has added journalism to her list as she was invited to join the teen writer’s staff of Tween Girl Style Magazine. She has had the opportunity to interview several up and coming Teen Hollywood Artists and posts blog topics via the magazine’s webpage.

One of her favorite past times is chatting with her fans, listening to bullying issues some of them face and making everyone feel a part of "the family" of Katie Belle Akin music. Katie's inspiration for her music comes from everyday life and her fans play a big part; her song concepts from real life experiences and she loves mentoring other aspiring artists. Last but not least Katie is thankful for her family, friends and fans who continually support her. She may inspire others with her music but it’s her fans who inspire her.

Contact for booking information.

-Bailey Jimenez
Evansville, In. Courier & Press

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