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New Music Video For "I'd Give Anything" Offers A Comical View Of A Heart-Breaking Situation

05-29-2014 | Video News

Love can sometimes feed you all your strength and make you feel like you can conquer the world with your loved one; but what happens when that love extinguishes? It is said, "the heart will break, but broken live on". That quote belongs to famed writer Lord Byron and is the opening to the humorously dark music video of "I'd Give Anything" from singer Sarantos Melogia. The song has a strong guitar driven pop-rock feel to it, while Sarantos pours his heart out from deep within to share his love story and wishing how everything could be back the way it was, just to be happy.

The music video on the other hand is quite comedic in a dark sense. The opening scene sees an excited Sarantos, setting up the dinner table as if to expect a date, or trying to impress somebody. As the door of the houses opens, Sarantos greets a woman, a past lover, who he immediately shows his affection for, but unbeknownst to him, has a new boyfriend now. The irony is that they both live in the same house! This offers a comic relief to a burdened and sad song in "I'd Give Anything".

It's at the dinner table where you see a frustrated and depressed Sarantos, showing his affection for his former lover, but ironically has to see her and her new boyfriend everywhere in the house. From eating at the dinner table, to making out in the laundry room to even foreplay in the bedroom (which was unmerited), Sarntos has to suffer in silence as he sees glimpses of his former love now in a relationship without him.

Aesthetically, the music video is set place in a quaint, vibrant home, a metaphor for an idealistic view of his own imagination. Curiously, there's also a merry-go-round unicorn that lives in the dining table, as to comfort Sarantos whenever he feels down and lonely. Through the house, the story between the singer, his past lover and her boyfriend, are seen in different rooms and re-enact some form of companionship Sarantos felt so strongly about. But now seeing that affection with another man has caused him to suffer, but as the good guy he is, continues to let her live in his house, despite the fact they are no long together. It's almost as if he is clinging on to the last bit of hope, waiting for her to come back and him always trying to prove his love to her, even though she has already moved on. At the end of the video, Sarantos pleads his love to his unicorn; satirically poking fun at the desperation he faces now that he ha realized his love is gone forever.

"I'd Give Anything" indeed has a sad message, but the music video's story provides a light-hearted view of a situation that most people have sunken to. As you say Sarantos sulk in his misery and sing his emotions out, the viewers laugh at the way he is doing it, always in inappropriate times and almost gives a sense of pity and rooting for the underdog. While the song is self is very up-tempo, the music video for "I'd Give anything" offers a great contrast to compliment such a emotionally driven song, perfect for a person fresh out of a breakup, feeling helpless, and feeling like they should return to a love that has already passed.

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