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BLAC WALDO reveals his eccentric new album 'NOTHING'

05-23-2014 | Music Releases

BLAC WALDO reveals his eccentric new album ‘NOTHING’

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Blac Waldon is once again set to get everyone talking, with his new album, titled NOTHING. Out now via Music Money & Fun Records.

A distinctively skilled electronic musician Blac comes from Ocean Springs, Mississippi (U.S.A) and merges sounds of Techno, Dance, Nu-Disco and Electro into one, for his unrivalled sound.

Packed full of futuristic sounds and an obvious lack of vocal engagement, Blac takes listeners on a wizardry audio journey, one that is characteristically unique.

In a world full of followers Waldon has formed his own movement, one that captures his eccentric demeanor, craft and talent.

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