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PIBE - new artist of Latin-Urban rhythms premieres his new album

05-09-2014 | Music Releases

Miami, Florida - The party is wherever PIBE is, an emerging Urban Latin music artist that has been bringing on the party with the success of his irresistible single "Donde Es la Fiesta".

Now, the excitement and success continues with a new self titled album PIBE, a new chapter for the singer who is also known as "El Rey del Retro (The King of Retro)". The album got released on iTunes and all digital music stores worldwide.

PIBE is the third album for the Mexican born singer. The Album was recorded between Miami, Mexico and Italy, and has 11 cuts that puts everyone to dance. With this album, PIBE ventures fully into Pop, Dance music and Electro-pop along with his own Urban Latin sound.

In charge of the production of PIBE are renowned producers in the industry as Loris Cerone (Paty Cantu, OV7, María José), Sam FISH Fisher (Daddy Yankee, Celia Cruz, Vico C), and Jorge Arronte.

PIBE released his first album in 2009, quickly placing himself at the Monitor Latino Magazine (Latin America's equivalent to Billboard Magazine) Top Ten music charts in Mexico. Two years later, he released his second album, and consolidated himself again in the Mexican Top Ten music charts. With the release of PIBE he enters a new stage of international crossover. A stage where everyone will know this versatile performer who always brings the party with him.

PIBE on iTunes:


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