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Driving Lolita 'Swing Me' - Single Release

02-21-2014 | Music Releases

With roots ranging from a Drum & Bass producer to Radio 1 DJ and Head Producer for videogame DJ Hero, Dee Dhanjal aka D-Code felt the need to take his musical influences of 90's Dance, Rock 'n' Roll and Punk and whisk them together with a new live direction to create the sonically exhilarating Driving Lolita.

Conceived in 2011, Dee has been in the lab obsessively honing the sound of the band and with an album set to drop later this year, they kick things off with their brilliant single 'Swing Me'; a brutal mix of D-Code's hard hitting, razor sharp production fused with Abrar Hafiz's venomous punk-rock guitar riffs sassily sewn together by the furious vocal power of Graziella Affinita, one third of Miss Frank from 2009's X-Factor.

While the high octane single brings an aural energy which is sure to thrill, the music video is a filmic feast which delivers Driving Lolita's primary intention; the emancipation of sex, lust, power and danger. Accompanied by a plethora of remixes covering everything from Drum & Bass to 2-Step Garage, this package is sure to suffice even the most whetted of appetites. With world wide main stage appearances, support from Xfm and BBC 6Music, a live performance at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend and a BBC Maida Vale session under their belt, Driving Lolita are set to take 2014 by storm.

The band celebrate the launch of 'Swing Me' at Proud Camden as part of the new music platform ʻQuality Controlʼ on Friday 14th March 2014.

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