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Blastranauts – Primal (+Music Video)

02-21-2014 | Music Releases

Introducing LA based Electronic music duo Blastranauts, the brainchild of DJ MC Escher (Aria S) and producer Nicolas II (Nick DP). Blastranauts is a gifted and stimulating emerging EDM group, set to tear down all boundaries that lay in wait, with their unique vision and approach to audio and video. Blastranauts signature sound encompasses a genre merging sound, from house music to hip-hop and pop, described by the duo as "a unification of Melbourne Bounce and Dutch House sub-genres of EDM."

Blastranauts are double threat; Nick, a gifted producer, specializes in creating tracks that feel fresh, whilst Aria, who has been DJing since he could use his hands, pulls tracks from his library which complement Nick's work.

Following on from a number of fruitful remixes (check out the groups SoundCloud page for more info), the U.S duo return with their latest audio treat, "Primal", and its official music video. "Primal" is a bouncy electronic dance record, with infectious melody, a track that is sure to turn dance-floors into a sexy mélange of partygoers!

With their "Blast Off" EP release premiering on Lessthan3, "Primal" serves as 1/3 of the EP and sees Blastranauts serve up an entertaining video spectacle alongside. The entertaining visual demonstrates the duos identity; the pair aren't just talented musicians, but imaginative entertainers too.

Not your typical music video, Blastranauts opt for a short film approach, taking viewers on a journey of diversion, with an amusing plot. This assists the infectious audio in a unique way, echoing the duos approach to music and entertainment simultaneously.

The EP is rounded out by 2 more tracks, one an original production entitled "Exhale" that has remnants of the characteristic off-beat base of Melbourne Bounce, but has much more of a MainStage feel to it. "I tried to go a little Martin Garrix with it," says producer Nicolas II. The 3rd and final track is a filthy remix of "Primal" by BlackGummy, with an elongated breakdown and memorable vocal sample clearly influenced by Knife Party's "Internet Friends" which also has hints of Feed Me's characteristic combination of Electro House & Dubstep.

With goals to play over 100 shows and release 3 new EPS in 2014, the future is set to bring plenty of surprises for fans, something that has endeared many fans to Blastranauts already. "Expect the unexpected", as Blastranauts look set to showcase their ingenuity through both audio and visual mediums. Grab a taste of things to come, and enjoy the journey to a new land. Are you ready for blast off?



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