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Radio promotion for "Fiesta in San Juan"

02-20-2014 | Music Releases

Internationally acclaimed Artist Assia Ahhatt joins forces with world famous Reggaeton Singer Wisin in the upcoming hit "Fiesta in San Juan." With radio promotion expected to begin late February, U.S. listeners should be on the lookout for this hot new collaboration. "Fiesta in San Juan" will be distributed to radio stations throughout Puerto Rico and the U.S.

The song, which will be Assia's second single of her U.S debut, merges her trademark violin infused pop, with Wisin's Latin brand of hip hop, to create a tune that will make everyone dance, party and have a great time.

Assia is not a stranger to genre crossing; her first U.S. debut single "If Only Tonight," is a highly energetic electric dance hit infused with virtuoso violin notes that has already reached top positions in U.S. charts including number one on Billboard's Hot Single's List and Indie Label Rhythmic Report, as well as in DRT National Airplay Top 50 Independent, and R&B/ Hip Hop Charts.

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