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45trona Ut - Lightspeed (Album)

02-17-2014 | Music Releases

Following on from his debut album "Funkspatial", DJ/Producer 45trona Ut (pronounced "Astronaut") returns with more fresh nu-disco Electronic sounds on his second album "Lightspeed", released via RLU Records.

With a pre-release initially via Gooogle Play (11th of February 2014) and general release scheduled for 11th March, Lightspeed sees 45trona Ut take inspiration from electronica, nu-disco and the French touch movement for an eclectic take on 70/80s music.

Funky, energetic, fun and uplifting, these are just some adjectives that spring to mind when describing Lightspeed by 45trona Ut, who is signed to American label RLU Records.

The 10-track album is set to take fans on an entertaining journey, which will undoubtedly lead to radio and venues support from tastemakers throughout both Europe and the American continents.

Having already won the attention of international critics, 45trona Ut is set to invigorate fan with his latest infectious and hypnotic audio treat. Stream, share and enjoy!

Listen to the album here:



1) Pegasus Meteor Fist
2) Roboprojekt
3) The Space Will Come Between Us
4) Optime Dvino
5) Upside Down
6) Lightspeed
7) Disco Soul
8) Game Changer
9) Call All Djs
10) You Rock My World

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