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L'illon Music Video "I'm In Love" Released On Valentine’s Day

02-14-2014 | Video News

Music artist L'illon, founder of the genre Lucid Pop, releases her brand new music video for "I'm in Love" on February 14th, 2014, Valentine’s Day. The song premiered earlier and this follow up video is now released on the one holiday dedicated to L’amour.

This new music video by L’illon contains over 350 original photos taken all around the world and specifically created for this video montage. The video highlights people from different backgrounds and walks of life who are in love with Life and Love and are willing to express it freely. One can’t help but share in this celebration with L’illon and that feeling is truly contagious.

For this video, L’illon also wished to capture a first-hand look into the stories of others who are in love and to show how LOVE is universal and something that touches everyone. What a perfect tribute to Valentine’s Day.

In addition, the song "I'm in Love" was awarded the Platinum Audionaut Award (the Auddy) by uPlaya's patented Hit Song Science, which analyzes a song's hit potential.

As such, L’illon directs additional attention on the song with her new video while everyone’s hearts and minds are in the mood for love.

The video can be viewed online at

"I'm in Love" is now available exclusively at

For more information visit:

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