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02-12-2014 | Music Releases


Old school Hip-Hop vibes and entertaining wordplay take centre stage on "The Mind" by London emcee Skremz, who today shows up with what is his first audio release of 2014.

Signed to Qh music, Skremz recently performed at Brick Lane's impressive Café 1001 venue on the 28/01/2014, and now off the back of that live show, treats new and existing fans to his latest single. "The Mind" takes listeners on a journey of old school flows and exclusive lyrical content, over a simplistic beat that centre stages Skremz's lyricism and entertaining values.

Growing on early musical influences, including Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Eminem and more recently Taylor Swift, Skremz considers himself as a lover of all genres, although declaring a "deep fascination for Hip-Hop", which he first discovered at the age of 9.

During his time at school Skremz naturally favoured his English lessons, serving as an opportunity for him to develop his vocabulary and ultimately improve his lyrical content and its context.

This is something that has ultimately helped Skremz become the artist he is today, an original emcee who understands that music isn't just about voicing, venting or explaining feelings/experiences, but one who understands that the most important piece of the musical puzzle is to channel a power of thought into "The Mind" of listeners.


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