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Introducing: Spoat Illistrated 3 mixtape - by Spoat

02-12-2014 | Music Releases

Spoat Illistrated 3 mixtape by Spoat.

Florida based urban sensation Spoat continues to balance musical success with life's everyday struggles. Having released Spoat Illistrated 1 & 2 already (the latter in January 2013), the Miami resident now serves up number 3 of the popular mixtape series.

Infused with Urban beats and meaningful wordplay, Spoat Illistrated 3 encompasses uplifting & energetic vibes, which set the mood faultlessly for Spoat to tell the story of having "one foot in the music industry and one foot in the struggle". The brand new tape is one for the fans, voicing appreciation for the success thus far, but also serves as genuine inspiration to leave the struggle behind and continue with his quest for stardom.

The message of Spoat Illistrated 3 mixtape is loud and clear, "Keep dreaming & never stop hustlin'".
Building on his recent performance in downtown Hollywood, FL at Club Heat December 15 , 2013, Spoat expects 2014 to bring its own challenges, and he's ready, with more live shows and more new music in the pipeline. 2014 is set to be another important year for Spoat, and there is no doubt that he will "keep kicking down walls" in search of his dream.

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