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Fat Face Records Presents An Entertaining Music Video For "Big Butt Bertha"

02-06-2014 | Video News

English record label Fat Face Records is excited to promote their jumpy, eclectic, and entertaining music video for "Big Bertha Butt", made by their recording artists Antonio Vargas. Though not uncommon, the song's visuals are completely taken over by animation, giving it a unique and also amusing interpretation to the song's dancey, lounge like feel. The music video however does an excellent job in delivering a storyline based on a typical night out to the club, but with a few twists and turns for a comedic relief. Everyone has had their share of funny stories at the club, but not quite like this!

The video reenacts Antonio Vargas, also known as "Huggy Bear" from the Starsky & Hutch original TV series, as the main character of the video. The video begins with a sleepy Huggy Bear receiving a phone call to get his "Big Bertha Butt" to the club; not realizing it will be the adventure of his life. Upon arriving at the club, the beat to the songs begins to thump harder and Huggy Bear can't help himself but take over and lust after the women in the club. But lurking in the shadows is his nemesis, ready to take him out of the picture. Soon Huggy Bear gets into an array of unfortunate mischief, from falling into a booby trap in the club to being carried away into a dumpster truck. But Huggy Bear is too cool to let that faze him, as he proceeds to record the track of his tribulations, and get his mojo back on.

The animations offer a cartoonish feel, which fits perfectly with the entire concept of "Big Bertha Butt. The characters bring the story and music video to life with their off-the-wall antics and satirical themes for the track. The song itself maintains a steady stream of playful lyrics, coupled with its thumping beat. This is the perfect animated recipe needed to add a nice flavor to the music, not to mention a funny way to compare anecdotes from everyone's list of "bad nights out". The video for "Big Butt Bertha" will definitely spark a laugh to the viewer and even motivation to comeback from any club disaster, no matter how upsetting.

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